Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Fun

Today Matt, the kids and I all went over to my parents for the afternoon. We had a great time. There is so much snow right now that the kids can't even really walk around in the snow. So at my parents house in the backyard my dad snowblowed a large part of the yard into a huge pile. Matt then built steps into the pile and made a trach for the kids to sled down. Sophia went once by herself and then didn't want to go again, except she went with Matt. Sam went several times and had a wonderful time.
We also got to spend some snuggle time with sweet Darius! He is smiling and cooing now. It is so amazing to see my little baby holding a real baby. It feels like so long ago when Sophia was tiny, and then to see her holding Darius, :-) Makes me wonder how she would be as a big sister

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