Friday, January 21, 2011

Children's Hospital ER

So I have always tried to avoid the ER at all costs, after today if the suggestion is to go to the ER at Children's I will go in a heartbeat. I won't argue or balk about it.
AFter calling our primary's office the suggestion was to call the hematologist. Sam's hematologist was off so I spoke with the on-call doc. She was very nice, and suggested started the Amicar again, and also calling the ENT, and having them schedule an appt as soon as possible.
So I called the ENT's office, and they wanted us to go to the ER ASAP as they thought there had been too many bloody noses, too many days, and too close to the surgery date to eliminate the risk of him bleeding from his adenoids. So we travelled into Children's. We never even sat in the waiting room, they took us in immediately. They were thorough and kind. They were absolutely wonderful.
So they actually put a camera up Sam's nose and into his throat, and got a really good look at the surgical site. They determined that the incision sites were all healing very well. There was some blood at the adenoids but they believe it is just trickling down his throat from his nose. They placed a medication saturated gauze up his nose, that was supposed to help him clot. They then packed his nose and let us leave, although we have to follow up with hematology in the morning.

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hoping against all hopes that you guys catch a break soon. Thinking of you often.