Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surgery Day 3

Can you say LOTS of medicine every 4-6hrs around the clock?!?!? Poor kid has never had problems taking medicine but now is another story

Sammy is doing pretty terrible today. He started vomiting last night and they did end up restarting his IV fluids. He vomited each time he took his medications. They ended up switching some to IV instead of oral. He has slept a good portion of today.
He has a sore on his mouth (I was told it was probably a burn from the instument they used during the surgery) that is really starting to bother him today. We are constantly making him stop touching and picking at it. They prescribed an antibiotic ointment so hopefully it will get better quickly.
There had been some discussion about a possible discharge today if he drank and did well with his oral intake, but now that the vomiting is occuring it might even rule out tomorrow too.
The good thing is that he hasn't had any bleeding. The medication to help him clot has been working well and I am so thankful. Praying for a good night tonight and an even better day tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers

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