Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lots and lots going on...

As you know we sold our house! But you don't know WE BOUGHT A NEW ONE!!! It is nearly three times the square footage of this house, with a two car garage. We are so excited. Although I am totally feeling the stress of trying to pack everything with two small kids, I am looking forward to the next chapter in our lives that God has for us.
The kids are doing ok. Sophia has had some type of GI thing going on for the last two and a half weeks, which has led to some anxiety for me as Sam's whole immunology thing started with GI stuff too although at a much younger age. We are still dealing with her loose stools and horrible diaper rash but am praying that we are coming to the tale end of it.
Sam has been doing really well. He had his three year well child check up. He is 30lbs (20th percentile) and is 38inches (60th percentile), yup a little skinny but doing well. The primary was thrilled with how he has been doing and impressed with his amazing vocabulary and speech. Tonight prior to him going to bed he said to me "Mommy do you understand how much I love you?" He just melts my heart. Unfortunately today he has been complaining all day that his belly hurts, and although I gave him his new medicine it hadn't seemed to make a difference. And now this evening he has a fever:-(
Hope and pray that all is well with you and yours

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Templeton Firestation

We had such a fun day on friday. I had called the Templeton Fire chief last week and asked if we could come and tour the fire station. He was great and was more than happy to oblige. We had a ton of kids and they all had a blast. They climbed all through the truck and were thrilled to be like real fire men. After that we played at the playground, had a picnic and ice cream from our favorite ice cream place: The Templeton Ice Cream barn. You should try it if you haven't already. My favorite is Blueberry pomegranite, but Sammy likes birthday cake:-)

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A very long week...

Monday we went and saw the new doctor for Sam. I wasn't overly impressed but I will give her the benefit of the doubt until the next time we see her, if she still doens't know what to do by then then we will have to figure something else out. She did an abdominal x-ray and it showed that his belly was full of air. I am not quite sure what that means, and if that could be a part of what is causing some pain. She mentioned things like a stricture in his small intestines and then some type of absorbive thing. It stinks when no one can figure out why your child is suffering. He had several times this week where he actually physically cried when he was saying his belly hurt He weighed 29lb 8oz and was 37.5 inches tall!! He is really getting big.
Tuesday we went and saw a bunch of houses, in an effort to try to find something we can call home. No such luck yet. I worked tuesday night and it was an exhausting night. I came home wednesday and was unable to take a nap all day and then we went to Matt's parents for his grandmother's birthday.
Thursday we went in to Children's with Sophia to see the GI doctor. He was very happy with her weight and wants to keep on doig what we are doing. She is now on the growth chart around the 5th percentile or so. She is 19lb 10.5oz. So we will go back in two months, and if she has continued to grow well then we will start weaning her from the appetite stimulant at that time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sammy is 3!!!

Well he will be three tomorrow, but today we had his party. It was so much fun and we were blessed with a beautiful day and lots of family and friends. Sam had a great day and complained only a few times about being sick or his belly hurting. He ate well,. and played hard. He was so lovable and sweet today, and so appreciative of all of his gifts. I am just so blessed by him, he repeatedly told me he loves me and wanted to hug me and "just cuddle" We did Thomas the train and got this AMAZING cake from Lisa at www.inspirationscustomcakes.com. You should try her out. She is wonderful to work with and is extremely talentated and creative.
Tomorrow we have the appointment with the new doctor. I am anxious but praying that she can figure this out for him. I am hoping that just because she is a woman that she will listen better, and our primary personally called her and told her all about Sam already so I am so thankful to be going in there with her already knowing his story. I am hoping we get some answers really quickly, but am also hoping that it doesn't require lots of testing or anything. Should be an ok day, hoping no blood or anything as tomorrow is his actual birthday.

Friday, July 10, 2009


We had a pretty good day today. Sam is complaining with increasing frequency that he is sick and that his belly hurts, or that something is "poking me". He also has had some low grade temps, and today the poor little guy kept asking for a "puking bucket" apparently he was nausea I would assume. He never actually threw up although he didn't eat well today either. I feel like there is a big problem there that is brewing and I am scared to know the consequences of that. We see the new specialist on monday so I am just praying that she can give us some insight.
In other news we have SOLD OUR HOUSE!!! I am thrilled and petrified at the same time. We have to be out in six weeks, but we also have to pack, find a new house and close on the new house in that time frame too. I yayaya......
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. My friend Judy had offered to take Sammy on a pony ride so that is what we did today as well. He had a blast on Pearl, who is 22yrs old and a sweet sweet girl. Sophia even got to sit up there for a minute or two, and she was thrilled as well.
We then went to the playground for a little while and met our friends there. These pics are of Tristan and Sophia