Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sam had his IVIG today and as it seems to be the trend lately they had a tough time getting the IV in:-( He cried as soon as they pulled the IV cart in, between the ER on friday and the surgery he is COMPLETELY DONE with the medical issues right now. Poor guy! We see the immunologist next week, I will be curious to see what his thoughts/plans are as we move forward with the IVIG, if/when their will be a trial off it again, dosage changes etc etc.
We haven't had any more bleeding since the mild bloody nose last night, so I am so thankful. We stopped the amicar last night, so I will be praying that we have no recurrence of bleeding now that he is off.
We had a wonderful playdate today with lots of friends. It wasn't planned to be this way but we ended up with 9 kiddos here today:-) My house is going to take a while to recuperate but I am glad that Sammy is feeling up to running around and playing and making a mess with his friends.
Preschool tomorrow, then another playdate, and then MORE SNOW!!! I am done with winter I have decided. The negative temps, and wind chill are bad enough, and then the snow is so deep the kids can't even play in it. Oh well! Spring is coming right???

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Dayna said...

Do you guys have Igi V the therapeutic play doll from Baxter for Sam? Is he getting the "Just Like Me" magazine for kids with Primary Immunodeficiency? Both might help him feel like there are others going through similar things and might help him cope with it all! You can get them at www.mygardian.com