Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Surgery Day 2

We transferred out to a regular floor today. Sam is still being constanly monitored as far as vital signs and oxygen saturation. He currently has no IV fluids running but there is some discussion whether these will be re-started due to his poor drinking/eating today. He has peed a tiny amount since before surgery yesterday.
He seemed to be much more uncomfortable this morning than he was yesterday. It was pretty tough getting him to take any of his medications. He actually even spit some of them out. We have been trying to get him to drink all day but he just isn't having any of it right now. Praying that he starts to drink again.
We had some wonderful visitors today. Our favorite Child Life Specialist came this morning prior to leaving ICU. He was sleeping and didn't get to visit with her but I did. She was so sweet bringing him balloons, and a little kids laptop and a cute stuffed dog.
We also had a "music therapist" come see Sam today. She just came in and played her guitar and sang for Sam. He got to play the drum and cymbal during this time, and he did well although he was so so tired still

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Jennie said...

So glad to hear all went well! The drums and cymbals are so cool and would be so much fun when he gets feeling better! Thanks for your encouragement during Landon's hospitalization too!