Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guess who is getting MARRIED?!?!?!?!?

Congratulations DJ and Lindsey. Welcome to our family. We are so glad to have you.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you think we're related?

Sammy: december 2006 5months old

Sophia: december 2008 9months old

Isn't that crazy? When I pulled out Christmas clothes, I realized that Sophia was tiny enough that she could probably wear some of the stuff Sammy wore. And then I took these pictures of her and was reminded of Sam when I saw them. We go get Sophia checked tomorrow nutritionally so please keep her in your prayers. If the scale is correct at home (we used the same one last week) she has lost some more weight. I am totally anxious about this. I have actually been trying to force her to take the bottle this past week or so with formula thinking that that would give her some more calories but if she has indeed lost more weight then I am not sure what the plan will be.
Sam seems to still be feeling under the weather. Matt and I were debating calling the doctor again today as he seemed like he was a little better then got worse. Maybe we will call tomorrow just to touch base. He doesn't want to eat much at all and has just been very sluggish, pale, complaining of random things hurting etc

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sammy is sick

Well my darling little boy is sick. We are praying that it is nothing but we shall see. Unfortunately tomorrow (sunday) makes two weeks since he started complaining that his belly hurt, and that he has been having loose stools, with one time seeming to be bloody. Well today he has started running a fever. I know not the end of the world, but with Sammy you just never know what it is going to lead to. So please pray for him. He was so cute today, but it was breaking my heart. I was nursing Sophia and Sammy kept asking me to hold him. So I had him sit on my lap and held him with one arm. He said "Mommy hold me with two hands, mommy hug me with two hands." He didn't want me to be holding her and him at the same time and he wanted to be cuddled almost constantly.
In other news we had another showing of the house. WE are so ready to sell this place and get something bigger. We are praying for a quick sale and for them to offer what we are asking.
Sophia is doing well. She is super clingy to me too. It is getting to be very difficult with her. She just wants me and I can't always be the only one to hold her.

Friday, December 26, 2008


A picture of the four of us

This year was kind of different for us as Matt and I were both schedule to work the night shift on Christmas Eve. Thankfully we were able to invade mom's and she agreed to watch the kids for us. The wonderful thing is that I ended up not having to go into the hospital. So Sam, Sophia and I slept at my mom's and then Matt joined us in the morning after work. These are just some random shots from Christmas morning. Sam got one of those little battery powered four wheelers from my parents that was quite the hit. He even let Sophia have a ride:-) Sam was thrilled with his gifts. He loved the new books he got and the DVDs and of course the toys. Thank you everyone for your generosity to the kids. Sophia got some new toys but of course was very intersted in the wrappings instead.

Aunti Deanna loves me

Drive carefully big brother

Sophia's baby

Chef Samuel- doesn't he look so cute? I know I know he will probably hate me for this when he is grown but I can't help it.

After we left my parents we headed over to Matt's aunt and uncles house for Christmas dinner. Which by the way was delicious:-) Thanks for hosting Uncle Jay and Auntie Colleen. Sadly Auntie TeeTee and Uncle Danny and NeeNee were not there and were very missed. It certainly didn't seem quite the same without them. We are so thankful that they have made it out to Oregon safely, but we sure wish they would come back soon.:-) When Sammy sees their son Chris he always then asks to go to Auntie TeeTee's house, because he just doesn't understant. Poor guy. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH Auntie Terri and Uncle Danny (and NeeNee too)

Mom got Sam these great pajamas that say "What Santa doesn't bring me Grandma will" and as you can see Sam liked modeling them.

Just relaxing with Chris

Sam got a medical kit for Christmas and was taking care of Naomi

Getting some loving from Papa

Cuddling with Grandma

Hanging out with Chris. She loved sitting with him and spent quite a bit of time with him and even took a long nap.

The Newlyweds, Nathan and Nicole

The Days leading up to Christmas

Another thing that is so special to me at Christmas is the Christmas Eve service at our church. This year was quite difficult as we were all wishing that we had little RJ with us. Mom had gotten all of the kids really cute outfits and we had so much fun getting them all to match. We wanted to get their pictures done together and had held off waiting for RJ. So these pictures are a sad reminder that he is not with us, but that he is with our Savior which is reason to celebrate. Please continue to pray for Denise and Ron and the family as this has been so heartbreaking.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is having a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve. These pictures are from the party.

Nicole and Sophia

Ron and Dasanee

Davion and Sophia

Daddy and Sophia

Sammy and Meme'

Sophia (9months) and Roman (7 months). Yeah I guess she is really little

Dj drove up from Florida so it has been great getting to spend time with him. It is so hard growing up sometimes. I love when all six of my siblings and I can be together. And I especially love my kids being able to spend time with them

Uncle DJ and Uncle Dennis spending time with the little ones

Miss Lillian

The finished products, complete with plates that Owen wanted to give to his friends. He gave Sam the monkey and Sam LOVES it!!!

John- the big boy of the bunch


My little princess sleeping with Myriah

Just hanging out and having a great time

Sammy doodle bugs

Owen working so hard

The whole crew

The Friday before Christmas we went to my friend Myriah's and had a Christmas party for the kids. We made those cute little cinnamon ornaments with the kids. They all had a blast. Owen rolled his out with his elbow and grunted because he was working so hard. Sam made all of his ornaments and then proceeded to squish them all back together. Silly kid