Monday, July 28, 2008


I know I am totally sentimental, but this little sleeper that Sophia is wearing is the very first thing that was bought for her when I found out that I was pregnant. I was so scared and nervous that something would go wrong during the pregnancy. I knew that God had a plan and that His plan was perfect, but I didn't know what we would have to go through in order to see His plan fulfilled. Mom was so excited, loving and encouraging. She went out and bought this little sleeper and said that this little life was a blessing and that everything would be okay. The sleeper says I love you on it and has this cute little bear. And now she is getting SOOO BIG she is outgrowing it. She is just so into Sam lately. It is so awesome to watch the two of them together, at times he just keeps going up to her and showing her toys, and other times he completely ignores her but she just can't keep her eyes off of him.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Sophia and Nicole

Dasanee Shari

Auntie NeeCee and Sophia

Sam having a blast with Monika and Davion

A family friend of ours is going away to boot camp, this weekend was her going away party. Sam had a blast in the pool with her sister and also with Davion and Dasanee. Nicole will be gone for 13wks, and we will miss seeing her, but are thankful for her and all the others willing to serve our country in the military. You guys are awesome, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES. Good luck Nicole!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well today Matt had a job interview and left around 8:15 or so this morning. Shortly after he left I heard from the doctor and she wanted me to go up to the hospital to have some blood work drawn. So I am totally stressing about that, since my double stroller is completely drenched from having to change the tire and hasn't had enough time in the sun to dry out. How am I going to bring them both to the hospital by myself without a stroller. Well Matt's Uncle Danny called and asked me to bring Sammy over to see the excavator again, and when he heard I had to go up to the hospital he offered to watch him. What a blessing. So I drop Sam off and go up to the hospital with Sophia, while there and waiting for the blood work and stuff, Matt calls to let me know that his car broke down!!!!! Aaaagghhhh!!! Feels like the mess of this week is never going to end.
Thankfully Ron was in Worcestor and picked Matt up so I didn't have to go get him. But the car is completely done. No possible way to fix it, so now we have to go get another vehicle. I ended up meeting my doctor up at the hospital and so we are working on figuring out this whole problem, so hopefully I will at least start feeling better and then the rest of the craziness will get better too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another day

Migraines stink!!! And I am so frustrated with this. Meanwhile my kids are as cute as ever and just want mommy to play. Today was quite the miserable day, and to top it all off, with all of this crazy rain, our basement started leaking. The sump pump was working and everything, but we are not sure where the crazy water was coming from.
Both kids slept really well last night and I am so thankful. I however was up a majority of the night as my head was pounding. These pictures are just some random shots. My cousin Kerry bought Sophia this outfit and I have been so anxious for her to wear it. Isn't it so cute? And Sammy is thoroughly enjoying all of his balloons. And his little sister.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Day

Ever had a day when you get out of bed and just wish you could just lay back down and pull the covers over your head? THat was my day today. I got out of bed with a pounding headache and just did not want to go to work. I then was getting ready for work and Sam had an explosion of diarrhea (AGAIN!!!) So MAtt and I quick cleaned him up and I headed out to work. I called the doctor about the migraine as I was told to if it continued to get worse. I thought she would tell me what I can take and that would resolve it. Because I am nursing and because of all the liver problems in the past with pregnancy: Nope, I had to go in.
But prior to my appointment I went to JCPenney with the baby that I am taking care of for private duty and her mom. Matt had dropped off Sophia to me, and so we went to the mall. The two babies, and two mommies. On the way there I got a flat tire. Did I mention torential downpours and my already terrible tires?!?!? So here I was with a pounding headache a crying baby and a flat tire. I knew Matt's aunt and uncle were in Leominster so I called them. Uncle DAnny to the rescue!!! He came and fixed my tire so then I drove over to get all new tires on the car.
Then drove to the doctors appt and she didn't know what to do. She is going to talk to another doctor and get back to me tomorrow. I am thoroughly frustrated with this whole situation. I can't get pregnant again right now (well I probably could seeing how birth control hasn't worked twice:-) but don't want to now). So I am so limited in what to do and because of the HELLP syndrome and nursing I am even more limited. Oh well hopefully tomorrow we will figure something out.
Meanwhile these are some pictures from Sam's adventures with Uncle Danny, Auntie TeeTee and NeeNee. He has a blast with them and they do all kinds of fun stuff together. They are also getting ready to replace a septic system, so they have the equipment in their yard. Can you guess what Sammy wanted to do? Yup play on the equipment. He had a blast, there and everywhere else they took him

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thankful to Boston Children's Hospital

Have I said recently how blessed we are to have Children;s Hospital? Today was Sam's transfusion. Everyone greats us and treats us like family. They had balloons and a gift for Sam since it was just his birthday. I said how I had some concerns with Sam and they called the immunologist while I was there so that he knew what was going on and I didn't have to go through the answering service. They gave us a private room (instead of a room with multiple cubicles for several patients) so I could feed Sophia. They are just fantastic there.
Sam did wonderfully. He didn't even flinch when they started the IV. He just played with the toys and watched the Cars movie for the first time while they were getting his IV started. When they were all done he said "thank you"
Mom came with me and my best friend Chantal met us there. THanks to them I am still sane. And then it was downpouring on the way home and we were hydroplaning because the tires were bad. We prayed and God kept us safe. It was quite the ride home as I had a pounding headache, it was pouring, and Sophia was screaming her little head off. So our next purchase will have to be for some new tires.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Sophia has enough hair for a bow. Thanks to my sister-in-law that is. These bows will stay in the smallest amount of hair imaginable. Isn't it so cute? is where you can get some of your very own, and they have like a million choices of colors. We had one specially made for Sam's birthday that was just so cute

Stroller contest

Hi all! I found a contest for a free twin stroller. So as I am still trying to find a side by side that I like, that I can afford, and that is light weight and I am trying to win it. Go to their site to enter yourself. You just have to post a link on your blog, and take a picture to share on their blog. We have a front to back stroller but poor Sophia can't see too much from back there, not to mention the thing takes up my whole trunk!!! She is starting to feel better it would seem, still slightly fussy but not terrible. Low grade temp today, like 100.5 or less. Sam now has a fever though:-( Tomorrow is his gammaglobulin at Children's so hopefully we can get it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008


My poor Sophia is reacting poorly to her vaccinations from friday:-( She actually slept for 12hrs which I thought was great until I picked her up and felt how warm she was. Poor girl was 101.8!!! I gave her tylenol but she still stayed over 101 for the whole day. She has been very fussy and inconsolable. Please say a quick prayer for her that she recuperates quickly.
We gave Sam his first ice cream cone today, he thoroughly enjoyed it.