Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pray please

Sophia is sick with some vomiting. Not quite sure what from, but please pray for her and please pray that Sam doesn't get this bug either. Thank you! Sam has some crazy bug bite on his head that is unbelievably swollen. The poor little guy reacts so terribly to bug bites and of course Massachusetts has some doozies! Please pray that it gets better and doesn't bother him too much!

Random picture post

Memorial Day pics. We went to a great little parade in Westminster on Memorial Day. The kids had lots of fun. Thanks to all of those men and women who serve our country! We appreciate you so much.

Let the fun times begin! We have already been to Davis Farmland twice this season and the kids absolutely love it. It is so fun to watch both of them and their very different reactions to things. They both get so excited:-)

Sophia's first oreo at Meme's

More Davis Farmland. They had construction vehicle weekend and Sam got to use the mini excavator. He LOVED it!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Mother's Guilt

Why do we beat ourselves up as mothers? Why when our kids get sick or hurt or misbehave do we automatically take it on ourselves? Why do we walk in the constant worry of "what if we mess them up?" Tonight as I read my blogging friends blog about a terrible infection that her kids contracted, I just started thinking. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why is it so easy for us to let the devil make us feel like we are at fault? God has so much more for us and I pray that you all will find your strength and comfort in Him.
I am reading a wonderful book called "The Mommy Diaries- finding yourself in the daily adventure" It is a compilation of many mommies out there who share their stories. Here is an excerpt from this book...
"When we are immersed in the preschool years, it can be hard to take a step back and bask in the long-term benefits our hard work promises to reap. As we wipe baby bottoms, kiss boo-boos and explain why the sky is blue for the one hundreth time, we're most likely thinking about what's in the freezer that can pass for a semi-nutritional supper-not about the responsible young women and men we're raising to impact the world for the better.
But setting aside time to gain a new perspective inevitably energizes our efforts and gives us the pat on the back we need to carry on. Such encouragement might come in the form of a heart-to-heart with another mom, a chance to let Dad take care of the kids so we can sit back and watch the fun, or one-on-one time with our children, when we can really take in the little persons they are becoming.
Nobody ever said this journey would be easy, but we can all attest to how much better the descent is once we've caught a glimpse from the summit. In fact, it usually makes us want to being the ascent all over again. That's some view!"
Be encouraged, this journey we are on is challenging, stressful and so hard sometimes, but in the end we are God's hands helping in the shaping of another of His children. Keep your chin up! Don't let the devil steal your joy! We are on God's team, and as we raise these kiddos to love and serve Him, He is walking beside us each step of the way

Rain, rain go away

Rain rain go away, come again another day...

Immunology and GI update

Phew it has been a busy week. We went and saw the immunologist yesterday. He didn't come right out and say it but it certainly would appear that he is contemplating IVIG for Sam again. I kind of expected it but it is so weird to be relieved and disappointed at the same time. I would much rather have him be healthy and not have to deal with the IVIG at all, but on the other hand I am scared of him getting really sick. So our plan for now is to hold on the IVIG for now, and see how he does. We will track his antibody titers to vaccines, and also monitor all of his IgG, IgM, IgE, and IgA levels. His IgG level was 872. When we started the IVIG way back when he was little he was under 200. So as of now we are in a good place with that. But Dr B said that it isn't only quantity it is quality and how well they work. So we will be watching how often he is sick as well.
We also saw GI this week. He is very pleased with how he is doing. He is gaining well. He is 29lb 6oz and is 36inches. He is the 35th percentil for his weight, and 45th for his height. So now we just watch, pray that the bloody stools don't come back and that he doesn't end up with C.Diff again.
This week has been rough. Between Sophia falling down the stairs, my car breaking down, an infant death at work and then the two appointments this week I am exhausted. But today I am held in the palm of my Lord's hand. When I am weak He is strong. When I am empty He fills me up. When I am dry He quenches my thirst. And I am ever so thankful. Remember that no matter what is happening, no matter how bad of a day/week you are having... God is walking beside you through it all, and when you can't go on He will pick you up and bring you the rest of the way.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Buddies

Today was our church's 27th annual softball tournament. Many churchs come from Mass, NH, VT, and CT. It is a lot of fun. My mom was commenting about how when we first started going there, how Deanna and Doreen were toddlers playing in the dirt, and then how Seth and Sydney were, and now how her grandkids are. Wow how time flies. We had a great day, I was exhausted as I had worked last night, but it was great. Sammy had a great time playing with his friend Caeden. They were pirates, astronauts, and army men. They "rescued" each other and got completely filthy. Sam needed to be bathed twice to get him clean:-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sam is doing much better today!!! Praise God! I am so relieved. He still had a fever this morning, but had tons of energy and was just about his normal self. His lungs still sound junky and he still has lots of mucous but we have one more day on the antibiotics so hopefully that will do the trick. He is so cute and loveable. I am so thankful that he is getting back to his old self.
We went to my friend Angela's today and had a wonderful time playing with the kids. The kids loved the water and having all kinds of people to play with.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still sick

Well it seems Sammy may be starting to do better. He had more energy today but continues to have a fever, terrible cough and lots of green mucous. He is definitely in better spirits, and has gotten a little fresh today. A two year old is so much fun sometimes:-) I will take it, over him being lethargic and sick though.
He has been sleeping a ton. And continues to not eat well. At least he is drinking ok. We have been on antibiotics for three days, and still he has a fever so we will call tomorrow if that continues just to make sure there isn't anything else we can be doing.


These are pics from last week before we got really sick