Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sammy doodle bugs:)

Well tomorrow we start the prep for Sam's procedures on friday. He has to have two different laxatives twice a day for the whole week!!! Poor little guy poops so much already I can't imagine what this will do to him. Please keep him in your prayers, and pray for wisdom for the doctors, for us and for a healing/resolution to what has been causing his discomfort, bloody poop, and frequent stooling.
We had a nice day today and I keep thinking in the back of my head (even though it is terrible to think this way) that I want to make this week amazing for him just for in case they find something really wrong with him. I can't help thinking this way. Each time we have gone to see a specialist (and they thought it probably wouldn't be a big deal) we have ended up with something new wrong with him. I hate to think negative, but sometimes I just get down and feel so terrible for all he has to go through. I know regardless of what happens that God is in control and that His will will be done. But sometimes it is just hard wondering what that will is. Look at this picture from when he was so little:-) Look how far we have come from this sick time... He looks so healthy and for the most part is so happy, it is hard to think about there being something else wrong with him.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look what I can do

Yup, she can sit in the boppy. Doesn't quite always catch herself when she leans forward but is starting. She doesn't want to be laying down, or sitting in the boppy. She wants to be up and watching the world ESPECIALLY her brother.
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I love you

Sammy just loves his sister. It is the sweetest thing to watch them interacting. She watches him wherever he goes and follows him around the room with her eyes. She just smiles these huge smiles at him. When someone besides Matt or I holds her, he says "Sister back" because he wants her back with us. SO CUTE!!!

GI update AGAIN

Well I brought poop in from the last few days to the doctors office to check it for blood. Only one day tested positive so I guess that is good. None would be better, but one versus three is better right? We also found out that his colonoscopy/endoscopy etc will be next friday morning. I was praying that we wouldn't have to go through that, but maybe they will figure out what is going on once and for all. He has definitely been more clingy this week, and even poorer eating. But he is playful, and funny, and such a joy to me. I just wish I could love the sickness out of him, I wish I could just cover him with kisses and have him never be sick again. I wish taht I could take away all the blood draws, procedures, medications etc. I would do it all if it meant that he would be healthy and not have to go through so much. He has become less active over the last week or two and has found a new hobby. MARKERS!!! Thank goodness they are washable:-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday at Mom's and other random thoughts

This morning while we were at church, Matt and I noticed Sammy holding onto his belly and pushing it. Matt asked him if his belly hurt and he said "Uh-huh". My friend was playing with him in the nursery while I fed Sophia and she said he wasn't himself. WE went to my mom's after church for a big barbecue and he seemed okay. So my question is WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? The doctor said call if anything changes, well he has never pushed on his belly before. Is that worthy of calling? I don't know. I am just so frustrated and don't know what to do. I feel like he is like a ticking time bomb that we are waiting to explode. He had visible blood in his stool again today, and was eating poorly. Oh please keep him in your prayers.
In happier news today at mom's I got to see some kiddos that I used to take care of before I ended up on bedrest. I can't believe how big they are getting and how well they are doing. It was so wonderful to see them, and to introduce the reason why I wasn't there any more, Miss Sophia.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Coggshall Park

Today we went to feed the ducks at Coggshall Park with friends. I needed to just get away from the problems that seem to plague my little boy. He isn't fazed by any of it, and I am so thankful that he is young enough that he doesn't know. I feel like he probably senses my anxiety as he has been a little clingy. Sometimes I feel like I just can't handle any more and want to ask God why? I know that I am not going through this alone, but regardless it is hard to think of something else wrong with my handsome, fun-loving, compassionate, sweet, fiesty little boy.
We had a great time today, the ducks came right up and were eating out of our hands, as were the geese. They made me a little nervous but no fingers got nipped. We went with my friend Sarah, and her nieces, nephews and sister Lucy. The little girls were like mother hens with Sam and he ate up every minute of it. Although he also wanted to be like the BIG boys too. Sophia still has a runny nose and low grade fever but seems to be doing well. I put her in the swing today! I know totally crazy but winter is coming and it will be a long time before she will get to do it again. She loved it, the like two inches that she swung and then she fell asleep in the swing.

Sophia's first cereal

My baby girl ate cereal the other day, the day she turned five months. She loved it. Opened her mouth wide, and smiled. She made a few faces but otherwise just loved it. She did even better the next night, although last night she wasn't overly intersted. Maybe because of the cold. Sam LOVES to help feed her, he gets a little excited at times but it is so cute to watch them interact.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

GI update

Well Sammy and I went to see the GI specialist today. I can't say that I am happy with the results. In fact am worried, scared and sad. He mentioned several things that could cause the bleeding, but wouldn't really go into detail about treating them or what to do to make them better. I asked well what would the treatment be like, and he said "You are asking me to predict the future and I don't do that." So then I asked him what do the statistics show for treatment and he gave me the same speil. Anyways I just wanted him to tell me something I can do to make him better, and he couldn't. I asked him if there were dietary changes, or vitamins or anything like that but he said he didn't want to do any of that until we figure this whole thing out. So things he mentioned today were: Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis, polyps, a viral infection. He said kids with his type of immunodeficiency are more at risk for the colitis than others. So I looked that stuff up and it is just scary. So now we are going to do a colonoscopy:-( under general anesthesia which scares me so much. I know as always that God is in control but I just am scared. I don't want him to go through any thing else. I just want him to have a normal life, I want him to run around and play and not have to have the medical field play such a significant role in his life. Please pray for him.
In other news Sophia has gotten my cold and is a little crabby and very snotty. Still smiley and cute for the most part, but I don't enjoy snotty nose kids:-) Here are some pics from the last few days, Sammy helping Daddy, one of his favorite activities.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sammys playmates

As promised here are the pics from the other day with Sammy and his friends. We had a total of 10 kids here, with one of them 3 and the rest younger!!! It was CRAZY, It was fun. They played in the pool and we had a picnic lunch and then we went for a walk and got ice cream. It was so funny to see them all with ice cream all over their faces. It was a sticky mess.
We went up and had blood work drawn for Sam today, they also are doing more testing on his stool. They tested it while we were there and there was definitely blood in it. I was praying that I was wrong and that I was just imagining that there could be blood. Not sure what all of this means, but we will see the GI doctor tomorrow and then go from there. Please continue to pray for Sam, as well as the doctors that they have wisdom to figure it out.