Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sophia Grace

My baby girl is growing!!! She gained six ounces since last week! I am so thrilled. I have been forcing her to take bottles of higher calorie formula the last few weeks, but this last week I didn't. I just let her nurse as long and often as she wanted. There were several times where she nursed for over an hour straight. I am wondering if that is what helped. We have finally crossed the 15 pound mark. She is 15lb 5oz. Woohoo big girl!!! Love this onesie, bald is beautiful.
Tomorrow Sam has his second day of allergy testing. I am dreading finding out that there are more of his favorite foods that we should stop giving him. It is hard enough to get a two year old to eat, and then to have to take away his favorites is going to be awful. He is such a great kid, his new medicine he takes like a trooper, even asks to do it "like a big boy do's"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Allergy testing

We went to the allergist today. I was so worried about it, how he would handle it and how I would. He was amazing, as is typical for him. The testing was not the scratch test, it was actually where they inject the allergen right into the skin with a needle. He barely flinched, and they poked him like 17 times or so. He was so funny when we came home, he went over to Sophia and showed her his arm and said look. He rolled up his sleeve and showed her. I was taking pictures and he wanted a picture of his arm, so I will post that for him:-) Silly boy! It was quite discouraging during the testing. OF the 17 pokes that he had he was allergic to all but two. Those two things were eggs, and saline! Dairy, gluten, many fruits and veggies and other things he is all allergic to. I have no idea what I am supposed to feed him now. WE go back on friday to do three more hours of testing and then will also have two more days of testing.

My best friend

I got to go with Chantal to see wedding dresses. It was so much fun and I am so excited for her. I feel so honored to be her matron of honor, but boy do I feel old. She looked stunning, but of course the pictures don't do it justice. Chantal and Andrew we wish you the best. As you can see Miss Sophia loved the dresses too:-) I don't even want to think about her and her wedding....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Matt and Sam

Matt and Sophia

Today is Matt's birthday, unfortunately due to finances and work schedules we aren't able to celebrate too much right now but we will. We love you Daddy. Thanks for being with us for our WHOLE lives!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Intervention

Sophia had her evaluation for Early intervention today. She was at or above her age level in the cognitive piece (play, discrimination, memory and problem solving. Her social-emotional level is also at 10months or above (interactions, attending skills, expression of feelings, and self-concept). Her Language comprehension skills are at the 10month level. Her language expression is at the 12 month level!!! Yup, she is very verbal and LOUD!!! As far as gross motor (sitting, transitions, mobility, and standing/weight bearing) she is at a 7month level, which causes her to be 30% delayed and therefore she qualifies for services for that reason, but also qualifies solely on the failure to thrive diagnosis. So we will now begin EI, I am hoping that they have some ideas for feeding her and getting her to eat more. We shall see.
We also had an appointment to at the doctors today. We wanted to do another weight check. She has gained two ounces since last time. So she is now 14lb15oz. She is almost 10.5months and she isn't even 15pounds. Little peanut! But at least we are gaining.
She is working on her second tooth. And is therefore chewing on everything that comes in contact with her mouth, including me!!! She is so cute and just loves Sam. It is so wonderful watching them interact.

Coolest toy ever!

Sam got this train set from Auntie Tracy and Uncle Tim and their kids. He LOVES it! The kid even lays on the floor next to it when he is too tired and doesn't want to stop playing with it. If you have a little boy you should look into this, it is fantastic, and keeps them occupied for quite a while too. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sam's appointment

Well after several months of waiting to see the new specialist we finally saw him yesterday. I must say he didn't initially rub me the right way. But that is ok, if he figures out how to make my son not hurt anymore than it is totally worth it.
So he is wondering if he has an overgrowth of yeast in his intestines from all the antibiotics that he had as an infant, that would explain the loose and bloody stools, the fevers, the rashes, the belly pain!!! Can you believe that it could be something that simple? So we now have to give him nystatin twice a day for 3months to see if that makes it better. They are also checking his urine and stool for some very rare bacteria that also could be causing these symptoms.
We will also do the allergy testing. It will be 4 half days of between 20-40 possible allergens that they will test him for. He also believes there is a food allergy component to the belly pain and fevers. So we will also do that. He is also recommending increasing the probiotics as well, more than double what we are doing now.
It was very overwhelming with all of his recommendations. But each thing is really an easy thing (meaning not surgery, not hospitalizations, nothing major) and so prayerfully this will solve his discomfort.
In other news we have now moved to weekly check ups for Sophia, and between adding her GI doc, endocrinologist, early intervetion and now all of Sam's stuff LIFE IS CRAZY!!!! I already felt like we lived at the doctors, we are now taking that to a whole new level, it is almost enough to be a full time job. OR at least it feels that way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

When all else fails...

Today as I am totally flustered worried, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, etc etc I am reminded of the song written by Crystal Lewis entitled "Trust Me" The words (I may get them a little mixed up) say "Trust me, trust me, though you can't see you can trust me. The way may be steep, but you can trust me. Close your eyes take a step, it's ok I know where we're going, don't fret, I've been before, through these vallies down the long and dangerous road, dark as it seems you can trust me, trust me..."
And tonight Lord that is what I am going to do. Today when we went and had Sophia weighed again she was 14lb13oz which means she has gained one ounce in two weeks. The doctor is very concerned. She was going to call Children's Hospital herself this afternoon to get us in to see GI as well as Endocrinology ASAP. We will have a bunch of blood work in the morning today and that will detemine what if anything needs to be done immediately. So please pray for this little girl of mine. I am not sure what the deal is, but I know that God knows and that He truly is in control.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New England Aquarium

Look at the size of the shark

Can you see the shark? This was Sammy's favorite

Penguins: our favorite exhibit

Sophia and Daddy enjoying the fish

Daddy and the kiddos

We road the "T" from Alewife. It went really well, and Sam loved the train.

The Seals, we ended up getting out there just as they were being fed. So they put on a little show. They danced, spun around, and went after toys.

Oh my goodness, we had such a wonderful time yesterday. The kids were both fantastic. Sam loved the train, and was so excited at the aquarium. When we first got to the aquarium he was so excited he was stuttering! It was so cute. His favorites were the sharks, Myrtle the turtle, and of course the Penguins (the PENGU's according to Sam) Sophia was squealing with delight and banging on the glass when she was held up to see the fish. Both Matt and I were suprised at her reaction. She too was wonderful. It was such a wonderful time for all of us. It was fun to do something as a family.
Sam continues to do fantastic with the potty training. I am pleasantly SHOCKED at how well it is going. He didn't have one accident today until just before bed. WE had two twenty minute car rides, one in which he fell asleep and he still didn't have an accident. I am so proud of him