Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Miracle baby survives surgery

I feel like I am failing this baby already. After being admitted, the Dr did an ultrasound of my liver and gallbladder, and has now decided that that is why I am so sick. The surgeon has said that the baby is malnourished and starving as I am so malnourished from all the vomiting. I didn't know, I thought that this was all morning sickness. They said that I need to have my gallbladder out, so at 17weeks and 3 days that is what I did.
And of course our little miracle baby survived, although we were warned that there was a real possibility that I would go into labor with the anesthesia meds, but thankfully I didn't. This poor baby has been through so much already.
I actually know that I felt the baby move after the surgery, it was like it was telling me "yeah mom I am here and I am still okay." With all of the surgery and stuff I have now found out that we are expecting a BOY!!! WE are so thrilled, we would have been just as thrilled with a girl as well.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Surgery while pregnant

So I went to the doctor the other day, and when I was leaving just passed out in her office. They rushed me in to their priority room, and after 3 nurses attempted to get an IV the doctor was able to get it in. They gave me some fluids and then I was allowed to come home, with the instructions to go back if something else happened. So of course I went home and passed out again. I was admitted to a cardiac floor, as they are questioning something is wrong with my heart.
I was admitted to the hospital and they determined that my gallbladder needed to come out.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Dehydration and admission

What a wonderful Valentine's Day!! I think I felt this little miracle move inside of me for the first time. I know it is early but I think I did. It is now march and I have been admitted to the hospital intermittently for dehydration. It is so frustrating to have all of these problems and be trying so hard to make this baby healthy. I just can't stop vomiting.