Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Bikes

The kiddos got new big kid

bikes and are so excited about them. Of course since we have gotten them it has mostly been rainy, but we are hoping for some more sunshine this week:-)
They both thought that attempting to ride up the steps was a good idea. I am okay with this, as long as they don't attempt to ride DOWN THE STAIRS:-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sophia ortho update and the DENTIST

Goodness just realized that I had forgotten to write about Sophia's appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Essentially it was an extremely frustrating appointment. He said that her hips turn in too much (which he said should resolve by age eight) and that the lower part of her legs turn out too much (again this SHOULD resolve by ag

e 4). He was not at all concerned about these issues. The only thing that he was concerned about was that she has been complaining of pain, and he said that that wasn't normal for a three year old. I had mentioned how she cries in the morning and has a lot of difficulty with the stairs and cries that her legs hurt, he said that this was behavioral, which REALLY REALLY bothered me!!! I have a 3 year old who has been a climber since before she could walk, who has never had an issue with stairs, who can skip and hop. Who is super active all the time, and then over the course of this winter has developed pain, difficulty with stairs, increased stumbling and it is BEHAVIORAL??? Really?!?!? Anyways a little annoyed. He essentially said that if she continues to complain then we should call him back and they will do an MRI and bone scan. But he thinks that a lot of it is behavorial in one sentence, and in the next he is really concerned about her pain....So we shall see...
In other news she had her first official trip to the dentist last week as well. She was very excited at first but then got anxious for a couple seconds until the girl actually started counting and checking her teeth, then she would randomly laugh while she was sitting there.:-)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I stink at this....

Officially pregnancy and I are not getting along. I have been feelingn like I was probably dehydrated for a couple of weeks, but nothing absolutely terrible and the OB's didn't seem at all concerned about it. Well after our marathon day in Boston on friday, I was feeling pretty terrible that night. I couldn'tkeep anything down. I contacted my doctor and she said she would meet me in the morning to give me IV fluids. They had a HORRIBLE time getting the IV in, it took them 9 attempts!!! They were going to send me up to the hospital but I begged them to just do it there. So thankfully they finally got the IV in. I needed 3 liters of fluid before I could even pee.
By their scale in the office I have lost 24 pounds in the last two months! By my scale at home I have lost 18lb. I just can't tolerate much in the way of food when I am pregnant. It makes me so mad. I get these crazy cravings for something that I know is going to taste absolutely fabulous. And then it comes right back up:-( YUCK!!! I am feeling like this time hasn't been as bas as with Sam and Sophia. I was doing IV fluids like every few days for weeks with them. Thankfully I am fifteen weeks now and this is hopefully coming to the end. With both Sam and Soph this severe nausea and vomiting stopped between 17 and 18 weeks. SO hopefully I am almost there.
I look like a bruised pin cushion! But thankfully I feel a little better and have some more energy today. I unfortunately didn't go to church as I am still feeling kind of crummy. But am hopeful that I can really recup some energy today.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy friday

Tomorrow is certainly going to be an extra busy day. We need to be at the hospital for Sam's IVIG for 07:30. My friend Chris is taking Soph first thing in the morning so that she doesn't have to see them putting Sam's IV in. After his IVIG another friend will take Sam for me as Sophia and I have to go see an orthopedic doctor at Children's. IT certainly is going to be busy. I am anxious to hear what the doctors have to say about Sophia and to see what if anything they can do to help her. Please pray for a good complication free day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"You hurt my feelings!!!"

So today Sophia was being very naughty. I turned around to her and said "Sophia Grace Weber you need to be quiet and stop your whining. There will be only indoor quiet voices in my van or you will have a time out when we get home."
She immediately starting crying. And continued to cry for a few minutes. She then said "Mommy you hurt my feelings so bad! God doesn't like it when you hurt peoples feelings." Ugghhh, I am so torn with this one, on the one hand she was naughty and does need to be reprimanded, however I also agree that God doesn't like us to be mean and hurt people. I am so thankful that my speaking to my children about our loving God is sticking with them. They have memorized a few bible verses which is so awesome to me. Their favorite right now is "Never stop praying" I Thessalonians 5:17

Thursday, April 7, 2011

GI update

So our GI appointment went relatively well. He was pretty happy with Sam's weight although also concerned with the continued belly pain. He is now up to 38lbs!!! We increased his periactin dose, for two weeks, and at the end of the two weeks if he isn't better then I am to call his immunologist to see if we can stop the singulair. Apparently singulair has been linked to some belly pain in the past. And then after two weeks off the singulair then we will then move on to a new GI med to see if that helps resolve this crazy stomach pain.
I can't believe he will be five soon! I have been filling out all the paperwork to get him into kindergarden in the fall! My baby is growing up:-) He is such a joy and such an inspiration to me. With all his medical problems/challenges, with all the scares that we have had with him since pregnancy, I feel so blessed to be his mom. God has given us such a tremendous blessing in Sam (and Sophia as well). I feel like because we have had so much struggle with him that I have appreciated and enjoyed each and every moment with him moreso than if he was healthy. It is a reminder that we are never promised tomorrow, but more so than that is that our God is an awesome amazing all powerful God, and that His plan for us is greater than we can even imagine.
I am just in the place of thankfulness, thankful for the challenges we have had because htey have made me a better mom, and a better person. I have become more compassionate and understanding. I wouldn't have the sam compassion if I didn't have this chronically ill kiddo to love. Just thankful:-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

A new week

It is the middle of the night and I am at work wishing I was home in my nice warm bed:-( I am so incredibly tired. This pregnancy has seemed to really be exhausting for me. But such is life. I am thankful that God has chosen to bless us with number 3:-) Sam and I will be going into Boston today for a GI follow up. I think this appointment will go well as Sam has been doing well since we started that new med last month. He still has had some funky stools but he may just be a kiddo that does that. Oh well:-)
Have a wonderful day:-)