Friday, January 28, 2011

Preschool, playgym, miracles and Chest pain:-(

Sammy had a great day at Preschool today. I was able to speak with his teacher for a few moments after class to see how he is doing since he was gone for FIVE WEEKS!!! She said he is doing well. At the beginning of the year she had mentioned how sometimes children (especially boys) who have late summer birthdays are not quite ready for kindergarten when they turn five. I kind of have had that in my head this whole year. I was talking about it with her a little today, he doesn't do very well with his paperwork (letters, drawing, etc) but other than that he is doing very well. So if there is anyone out there that has chosen to keep their child in preschool an extra year, or send them to kindergarten what helped your decision?
We also got to go to a local "playgym" today. The playgym has one of those inflatable jump houses, slides, balls, monkey bars etc. We got to meet several of our friends there. The kids had a wonderful time. And then I got to meet this precious little miracle:-) I was praying for this baby before she was even conceived. I had taken care of her older brother in the hospital, and spent a lot of time talking with his mom. We have become friends, and she now attends the MOPS group that I go to. I was so excited to hear that this precious little love was on her way, and meeting her today was such a reminder of God's amazing love and miraculous ways.
Sam and Sophia had a blast running around with their friends. Sophia seems quite talented when it comes to soccer and she really enjoyed it.
We had a wonderful time and then came home for lunch and quiet time. Sophia took a little nap, and hten when she woke up Sam fell asleep. When Matt came home from work, we were talking and Matt commented about Sam's color changing, and then he started coughing. He woke up. And after he woke up he started complaining that his chest is hurting. Not sure what this is about, but praying it is nothing.

I Samuel 1:27
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.

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