Monday, January 30, 2006

More bleeding!!!

I had gone back to work and was actually out in labor and delivery when I felt a gush, it was such a horrifying feeling to see how much blood was coming out. The OB that was on said that he isn't overly concerned as I just had an ultrasound two days ago and everything was fine. But he wants another ultrasound on monday. I also used the doppler at work and it is the most beautiful thing in the world to hear this little heart beating so strong.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trust Me

Today at church my wonderful sister-in-law Tracy sang a song called "Trust Me" by Crystal Lewis, and I really felt like God was speaking directly to me, telling/reminding me that He is in control and I just have to trust Him. I continue to bleed, and the OB doctor said that there is no hope and that I should just give up on this baby, but my family practice doctor is still supportive and God is the ultimate decider of what will happen. I keep listening to that song, a specific line says"trust me, trust me, though you can't see." So I have told God that I am trusting Him to have my hormone levels to go into the 90,000 range, and guess what they went up to 97,000!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Bedrest is awful

I am so bored! I have been working on a quilt for the baby, and reading many books that people have brought over. I am continuing to bleed although no one can figure out why. And now my HCG levels aren't high enough to sustain a pregnancy. They aren't increasing as they should. So many are praying for this baby. A positive thing is that because of the problems we get to have multiple ultrasounds, weekly for now. We can now see arms and legs and everything. Bedrest hasn't caused the bleeding to slow down at all. But I know that God is protecting this little miracle.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Oh no! I started bleeding yesterday!! I am so scared that I will lose this baby. I keep telling God that I just can't lose another baby. We had an ultrasound and some blood work drawn. I was in a complete panic as we went to the ultrasound as that is when we first found out that our first baby was not okay. Well this little miracle is okay, Baby Love (nickname for now) heart is beating 162 beats a minute. It is so amazing, it just looks like a little peanut with a little flicker of light when the heart is beating. We are now on bedrest through the weekend to see if the bleeding will stop.