Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Fun

We had such a busy weekend. We went to the church softball tournament and a birthday party on saturday, church and two cookouts yesterday, and then today we went to my mom's for a cookout. She bought the baby's a little pool to swim in and they loved it. She also found them these really awesome patriotic swimsuits. They looked so cute:) Sam didn't know what to think about being pulled around in the wagon, he smiled at times and looked completely confused at times.

On the medical front, they have decided to prolonged Sam's antibiotic treatment for maybe another two months. That is all fine and good except that it is a nightmare to get the medication. I called all around today and then called Dad to see if he could do it at CVS. Well he couldn't do it either so he called other pharmacies too. To make a long story short, we have enough now for today and tomorrow we will have to figure something else out, but maybe CVS can do it tomorrow.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Softball Tournament

We had a wonderful day today. Sam woke up and was screaming in pain, but then he didn't have any more episodes the whole day. Of course he is still pooping a lot but it is so much better when there isn't pain associated with it. WE had the 25th annual softball tournament that our church puts on today. There were 27 teams!!! It was so much fun. Sam definitely had a blast and was completely filthy when we got home. Uncle Ron couldn't wait to show Sam his hat the other day after he saw the hat Sam has. As you can see from this last picture by the end of the day he was starting to feel a little bit yucky again.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kind of good news, kind of bad news

Today Sam had a pretty good day. He felt good for most of it, and I was able to take him swimming with Denise and Ron and the family. He had an absolute blast. Dasanee didn't even want to sit in the water at all because it was so cold but once SAm did it she did too.

So I went to work tonight and of course SAm's doctor called shortly after I left here. So there was a message. I am definitely disappointed that I missed it, but the jist of the conversation was that the Dr's at Children's don't think that this is significant enough to get him in any sooner than June 11th, unless something significant happens/changes between now and then. Our doctor spoke with them at length about the antibiotics and tapering them off and planning how to wean him off. So I feel better (kind of, I would have rather had him seen like last week) and now I have a better understanding of the plan. I just wish we could heal him quick.

Enjoy these pictures from our day...

Still waiting for answers

He is happily waiting to hear from the doctor. I on the other hand am very frustrated

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cute pictures

Here are some more cute pictures:) I am still waiting to hear back from Children's Hospital. I called Sam's primary at home yesterday to see if there was anything more that I could do for him for his pain. She said she would be calling Children;s herself today to make sure he gets in next week. She also wanted me to try giving Sam the Zantac again to see if that helps, he has only had one screaming episode today, and didn't seem too terribly uncomfortable last night. His appetite is back as well. Will write more as soon as I know more.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Just a few more pictures of my boy. He still has times when he is happy. I brought him to Mom's , thank goodness for grandmothers, so that I could take a nap. He got to play with his cousins as well. Now that he is crawling, he is exploring his world with his head. He keeps crawling into things!!! See the bruise:(


Thanks to Stephanie I made this little video. Thanks for giving me the motivation. :)It is amazing to be reminded of how far we have come in the last year and a half. Sam has gotten so big, and although we have definitely had a rough time of it lately, we are so thoroughly blessed to have him. He is beautiful and funny, he is the sunshine on a cloudy day.
Today he continues to be miserable and very uncomfortable. We are still waiting to get another call back from Children's Hospital, to see what the new plan is. Hopefully they will figure out something soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doctors visit

Another discouraging day. We went to the doctor and found out that Sam had lost some weight. Two weeks ago, he weighed 19lb 4oz and today he only weighed 17lbs even. She is concerned about that. And now she mentioned something about in elderly pt's that get this infection sometimes they have little tiny ulcers, so she wants him to be scoped to look at his whole digestive tract to see if there is something we are missing. I just feel so bad for him, it just seems like he can't get a break. Between a rough pregnancy, rough birth, and now this first year with now 3 admissions to the hospital it has been such a tough road for him. His spirits are off and on good, he is pretty mellow and just laying around alot though. He just doens't want to eat either, I feel like his stomach starts to hurt whenever he eats. I have these little tiny bottles that hold two ounces that I got when we were in the NICU that he likes so I keep giving him all these little bottles with different flavors of pedialyte, he likes it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

FInally Home

Well we are home, who knows for how long though. He still has horrible diarrhea and isn't eating well. He is quite irritable and is running a low grade temp. This whole episode is so discouraging. It stinks when the doctors say they don't know and this doesn't happen, one jokingly said we should put you on House, maybe they could figure it out. THe other said that they should do case studies on my boy as they cannot figure out any possible way that this should have happened again. Children's Hospital doesn't know what to do different either, what are we supposed to do now? The infectious disease specialist at the hospital said that he was going to spend the weekend researching this to see if they can find anything similar with any children. Please continue to pray. As you can see he is happy to be at home, although he has these periods where he just screams and is unconsolable because his stomach is hurting.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another night

Well my boy and I are stuck in the hospital another night. Hopefully tomorrow. He continues to have diarrhea and vomiting. The poor little munchkin is still for the most part happy though. They sent out more specimens for testing today. Hopefully everything comes back okay. He won't eat baby food, and he is taking liquids just okay. Please pray for this little guy. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hospital again:(

My poor baby is back in the hospital again. I brought him to the doctor yesterday afternoon as he was just acting lethargic and not eating well. Once there they did blood work and they tested his stool again. And once again he has C. diff. colitis, the intestinal infection that has caused him so much discomfort in the past. So we came in and they put an IV in, thankfully it only took one attempt, but then that IV blew and they had to start another. The second one took 3 attempts, how horrible it is to be holding your child down when you know they don't feel well and allow someone else to poke them. I know it is for his own good, but when he was looking at me with such fear in his eyes it was breaking my heart. THis new IV is in his foot, and the other sites where they attempted are black and blue. And then of course he had to have an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they put him on, and got hives, and was just miserable. Poor baby. Hopefully we can go home tomorrow, and he will have to take antibiotics for ten more days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hanging out with Grandpa

Today Sam and I went to Mom and Dad's. Mom wasn't there initially, but Sam was thrilled to hang out with his Grandpa. He loves to play with my dad's mustache. He also really likes to play with General, but doesn't seem to like the new puppy Jasmine, probably has something to do with the fact that she is teething too. Sam took General's toy away, and he waited eagerly for Sam to give it back.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Utter exhaustion

Sam and Daddy went for a long walk today. As you can see it wore Sammy out.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Car Inspection

So the other night after I left work in Worcestor I got pulled over. I was quite annoyed. The officer asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. And I said," No, because I wasn't speeding." So he proceeded to tell me that my license plate light was out, and my inspection sticker had expired. Thankfully he didn't give me a ticket though. So Sam and I sat in the inspection station for 45minutes. He was so good, and of course loved people admiring him.

Friday, May 4, 2007

My friend Noelan

Sammy went to the playground with his friend Noelan today. He had a blast. He was actually laughing when he was in the swing. Of course now it seems like he has another cold. I feel like this baby is never going to be healthy. We finally got our ears completely better, and now he has another cold. Please pray that he doesn't get another ear infection, because we don't want to deal with the intestinal infection again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


My boy finally has no fluid in his ears!!! He has had inflammation and fluid in his ears since october. I am so excited, it is weird a couple of days ago I realized that he was babbling and cooing a lot more. It must have been because he could hear so much better. The doctor is concerned about what he is doing physically and wants early intervention in with him, she forgot that she already has them in. I will post more pictures soon.