Monday, December 31, 2007

Still feeling crummy

Well I continue to feel awful for some reason. I started having this weird pain in my chest yesterday. I spoke with the doctore and she mentioned the same thing that I was worried about but not saying out loud: PIH! This totally freaks me out, because once I started this with Sammy they had to deliver him within two days. So scary. But it appears that the liver workup that she did today is almost completely normal. There are a few abnormal results, but that could also be attributed to the fact that I have been sick for a week. Hopefully this is just some crazy virus and it is just taking me forever to get over it.

In other news, this baby is moving ALL the time! I love it. You can watch my belly move quite often as she is in there doing all kinds of acrobatic moves, or so it feels like. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel the miracle of human life growing inside you.

Here are some cute pics of my little sunshine... HE finally has hair, so of course I like to do fun things with it, but he doesn't seem to mind does he? And then his Nanna (Matt's grandmother, bought him those handi-snack things with crackers and cheese, he could not have possibly made any bigger of a mess, his face was completely covered in that cheese, but he sure did love it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

6Mo. preggo and We got GERMIES:(

Well officially Sammy and I are quite miserable. I have been feeling kind of cruddy for a few days. I called the doctor and they had me come in and determined that I was pretty dehydrated. I already knew that considering I hadn't gone pee in more than 24hrs, but I just kept thinking that I could get over this rotten bug without going to see the doc. SHe was concerned as the babies heart rate was quite fast, and she thought she was getting stressed from me being dehydrated as well. She also wasn't too happy to hear that I had had some cramping last evening, but I am still under the belief that it was just because of an upset stomach which is why I went in and saw her. Well at least this time they got the IV in on the second try instead of me being stuck a million times. I feel a little better after the IV fluids, and am hoping that it was enough to get me over the hump of this bug. Poor Sammy has a rotten cold and is just miserable. It is a little strange as he is acting like he is sick without a lot of symptoms. I guess that is thanks to to the IV IG, I am so thankful he isn't exhibiting all the symptoms, but it is also strange because he is so crabby. Hopefully neither of us swap the GERMIES and give each other the other bug. Thankfully MAtt has avoided both of these things and has been taking care of both of us. Please pray for a quick recovery for all. Enjoy this pic from last week of my little snow baby:)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well, both my brothers have arrived home safely. I picked up DJ at Logan airport sunday. WE of course then proceeded to get lost but we all made it home. Dennis arrived around three or so today. He spent last night at his friend's house in New Jersey and then continued on his way this morning.

We had a wonderful day. Many family and friends came throughout the day. My cousin Sarah wrote a beautiful song for Dennis, stating how God's arms will protect him wherever it goes. It was unbelievable and so beautiful. Here are a few pictures from the day. Who has time for pictures with all the excitement?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter storm

What Crazy weather we have had. I worked last night and when I came out to my car this morning the snow had drifted in the parking lot that it was up to my knees. I HATE driving in the snow. I slipped and slided on the way home the roads were terrible and visibility was even worse. But I made it,
So Sammy is doing his typical something is wrong with him routine. Not eating well and just generally irritable. MAtt couldn't get him to eat anything this morning but then made an egg and Sam inhaled it. Then a while later he threw up. He had four loose stools today as well. Now to some people this would not be a good thing but to me I am a little relieved because maybe this is why he had this high fever the other day. I would much rather have him have some viral gastroenteritis and get the fever, then have him have something much more serious wrong with him. WE go back to CHildren's this week so that will be good (hopefully) THe blood cultures they drew the other day they let grow for five days, so it will be torture waiting for the results of that. But everything else looks pretty okay.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, I had my 22wk prenatal visit today. Everything looks great. Our little girl is growing as she should, and so far everything is good with me. My BP is actually lower than it has been which totally makes me thrilled, now if it will stay that way for another 18wks. So anyways this morning Sammy, who had a terrible night of sleeping by the way (up 5times!!!) and I got up ate breakfast and started running our errands. He was perfectly fine. I mean besides the fact that he hasn't eaten a whole lot since the transfusion and isn't sleeping, he was happy content and active. So we went and saw the doc, then came home, he took a nap and then we had lunch. About 45minutes later he just layed down on the floor and started crying inconsolably. I picked him up and he felt so terribly hot. So I checked his temp. 104.8!!! What is up with this little guy? So I called Children's and they thought maybe it could be a reaction to the transfusion but they are unsure. The immunologist said we needed to go see our primary and he will see us next week. So we go see Dr V, who we had just seen a few hours earlier. And just as I expected she was totally baffled too. She checked all the tipical things, ears, throat, rashes, lungs, etc. She did find one lymph node that was enlarged but nothing else. And the other thing of note is that wednesday and two weeks ago he weighed 24lb, today he was 21lbs, same scale as two weeks ago.

Long story short, the immunologist requested we get some blood work done, which is such a fiasco, so we had that done, and everything that has come back so far looks pretty good. So again I wonder what is up with my little guy? Please please keep him in your prayers

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finger Painting at Children's Hospital

Today Sammy had another transfusion. Daddy came with us today. Sammy got to paint for the first time. Everything went well. They were able to get the IV in on the first try. Here are some pictures from our day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The long awaited day has finally arrived! I got a call from Dennis this morning saying that he was in Germany and that he would be in Bangor sometime in the evening. So I called mom and we decided to make the trip. Mom, Denise, Deanna, Doreen, Dasanee, Davion, and I made the trip. We left around one in the afternoon, and made it to Bangor in just over five hours. As we were pulling in to Bangor International Airport, mom's friend called to say that the plane has landed but the soldiers had not gotten off yet. We were so excited. So we run through the airport like a bunch of crazy people, and we are scanning hundreds of soldiers dressed identically for that much beloved face, and then we saw him! What a wonderful time we had. Mom had made some brownies and a support group for soldiers had sent some lolly pops, so Davion had handed them out to the soldiers. Some of them gave him money and others gave them badges and pins that they had had on their uniforms. And Dasanee found a woman who looked like her great grammie Nadeau and climbed right up in her lap. WE spent an hour with him before he had to reboard the plane to continue on back to Colorado. And then we made our journey home, in the snow and ice! And as usual God totally protected us and paved a safe road the whole way for us as well as Dennis. Enjoy these pics, as we eagerly await his arrival home for leave on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another specialist

Well today because of the fever we went to the doctor and she now wants us to see a hematologist. I am frustrated and sad. I was really just hoping that all of our health issues would be totally resolved with the immunoglobulin transfusions. But unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. I just hate to keep having him be poked and prodded. It doesn't seem like things change anyways. I mean we had two months of him not being sick and now it feels like we are back to the same old way he was before we started the transfusions. In happy news, although with his fever it was worrisome, he slept for twelve hours last night!!! Since he usually wakes up at least twice I woke up quite often just to check him to make sure he wasn't getting another fever. But wow wouldn't that be nice if he started sleeping at night:)

Monday, December 3, 2007


You know sometimes I just can't figure Sammy out. Today he seemed pretty good for the most part and then after supper got super irritable. I picked him up and checked his temperature. The thermometer read 105.3!!! I have only heard of one other kid that I have taken care of that had a fever that high, and he had seizures because of it. Well thankfully, since it is Sammy we of course had tylenol, so I gave him that and then put him in a tepid bath. He came down to 103 and now even though I haven't rechecked I think he is probably like 99 or so. It is just weird though, I wish I could predict or understand why this happens to him. He was so irritable and who blames him. I just don't understand what all of this is about. I mean he has been running fevers since the week of thanksgiving again. Thankfully we have another transfusion next week but I don't know if they will do it if he has a fever.

We took him outside today before he started feeling cruddy and it was so cute. Matt pulled him around in a sled and he absolutely loved it. The little chuckles he kept letting out were so cute. I am so thankful that we have a video camera and regular camera to catch all of these moments of film.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Being a mom

After reading Stephanie's post today,, I feel compelled to say this, being a mom is a blessing, whether our children have complications or not, and although we all want our children to be healthy, what is important is that they know that they are loved and appreciated and that they are happy. It is frustrating to hear that mom's that have made decisions about saving their child's life may regret that decision due to the child's disabilities, what about loving unconditionally, none of us are guaranteed that our child will be healthy and have no complications no matter what gestational age they are. There may be times when resusitation is not the best decision, but I certainly don't feel that all babies born at a certain gestation should be lumped together to make that decison. Enough said!
In other exciting news, Matt was on his way home yesterday and he hit a deer, thankfully he is okay, but the car and the deer are a different story. The car is still drivable (barely) but what a mess. As long as MAtt is okay that is what is important.
In Sammy news he still appears to be fighting something and I can't quite put my finger on it. Still running a temp, still irritable at times, and sleeping much more than usual, too bad it wasn't at night:) Hopefully he will be feeling better soon. We don't have another transfusion for another couple of weeks so I am not sure what is going to happen.
I spoke with Dennis today, he is techinically still in Iraq, but has left his origional camp and will hopefully be in Kuwait by the end of the week. He should then be leaving Kuwait to come to the US on the tenth.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A baby girl!!!

Well we had our ultrasound yesterday. I am measuring exactly to the day of where I should be. This is so exciting to me because with Sam I always measured two to three weeks smaller than he should have been. So we knew he was going to be small. This baby measures exactly to me due date. Everything looked good, all the organs and bones everything was growing and working appropriately from what they could determine. They couldn't see the cardiac outflow track, but they couldn't see that with Sam either and it just means we get to have another ultrasound in a few weeks when SHE gets bigger. Yup, thats right it is a GIRL!!!
I am in shock still. I can't believe it. For some reason I was really thinking it was a boy, not that it really mattered, because really all we want is full term, healthy and FAT:) But when she ever said it was a girl, I was stunned. What a beautiful blessing, we will have a girl and a boy. I had been on the fence about finding out and then when the temptation was there, and knowing that Matt and my mom and so many others really wanted to know, I just couldn't help myself. WE got the most beautiful pictures from the ultrasound too. They gave us five, and then we will get some more next time. We don't have quite the same amt as with Sam, (14 I think) but it is nice to have some for her to. Now we get to think PINK. It will be so different looking at the girl things. I have been so used to the blue and the rough and tumble. It will be fun to pick pink and baby dolls. I wonder what she will look like, if she will be bald like Sammy was, or if she will have blond or dark hair? I wonder if she will have blue or brown eyes? Oh, this is so exciting. Now let the name game begin:)
I am getting so excited as my brothers will be home in just a few more weeks. My mom has the coolest idea. Each day until Dennis comes home we are putting a yellow ribbon on a different tree by my mom's house. It is nice to be doing something to do a count down, it will be nice for him to see too. We are all taking turns with the ribbons. He is supposed to be leaving Iraq tomorrow after 14months! Please pray for safe travel for him.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sammy's new red snow suit!

I call him my little red munchkin. He just looks so cute. I am so excited. Mom told me today that DJ will be home on the the 23rd and Dennis will be home on the 24th. I can't wait to have all of us together. It will be so wonderful. It has been so strange not having either of my brothers around.

Friday, November 23, 2007


I can't help it, he looks so cute with his hair all spiky:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well we hope and pray taht you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. Ours was pretty good. We went to Matt's Aunt Terri's which is always fun. Sammy loves going there and she has a little dog which he is very found of. Not to mention of course he got to see his cousins which unfortunately doesn't happen all that often due to everyones crazy schedules. After dinner we went to mom's and Sammy and I actually slept over. Denise, Mom, and I went Christmas shopping the day after thanksgiving on the craziest day of the year! It was fun. I got most of the outside gifts for people done. And just have a few more. Here is our attempt at getting a picute of the cousins together...