Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recovery Day 10

I can't believe it has been ten days!!! I am so thankful to have ten days behind us towards him being better. Unfortunately we are in another high risk of bleeding phase of the recovery. From day 10-12 is another high risk of bleeding, and with his bleeding disorder we are even more at risk. I know that God will continue to see us through this recovery and that in Him all will be ok.
He slept pretty well last night, he only woke up once. Today his appetite is TERRIBLE! He has lost so much weight I am very concerned. I wish I could lose weight like him (instead of him). He is now complaining when he sits at a kitchen chair that it hurts his back, I am sure it is because there is nothing covering his ribs/spine except the stretched skin:-( Please pray that we can get him eating again so he can put on some weight and feel better. When this whole thing started he was 38 and a half pounds and he is down to 32!!! Six pounds is a lot when you were already very thin.
We ended up getting 26inches of snow!!! It is crazy out there, I will be leaving later today to go to my aunt and uncles, just a town over. I am a little nervous to venture out in this weather though....

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