Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

The whole crew: Sam, Seth, Sophia, Doreen, Sydney and Dasannee

Scaredy Cat


Winne the Pooh


We went to Mom's today to carve pumpkins, obviously my kids didn't carve them but they had fun being with their cousins and running around outside.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday parties, sleepovers, and FUN

Keegan the birthday boy- turned 5!!! (this is Sammy's "big boy friend")

Momma's Girl

Sammy fell asleep right next to Keegan, and Keegan covered him up and took good care of him:-)

We went to Keegan's birthday and had so much fun. Keegan is Sammy's new best buddy and Sam enjoys him so much. They had all kinds of fun activities planned for the kids, even Sophia tried to hit the pinata but the batt was a little too heavy for her.:-)
The kids had a blast, and Laura and Bobby (Keegan's parents) were gracious enough to allow us to sleep over since we had IVIG the next morning. Sam had been so excited to have this sleepover. He and Keegan played hard after the party was over, had pizza and popcorn and were watching a fun Disney movie, and much to my SHOCK Sam fell asleep on Keegan's bed! I was so excited, it only lasted about an hour and then he slept with me but it's a start right?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures pictures and more pictures

We went and got the H1N1 vaccine for the kids today, and Sam had his bloodwork checked, which by the way looked even better than last time. Praise GOD!!!! So far they don't seem to be having any issues with the vaccine. Sophia was actually exposed to the swine flu while Sam was in the hospital. Please say some prayers for our friend Julianna, who actually has the swine flu. She is doing well. And then we flew to Wildwood Farm to go on a hayride, which Sam has been looking forward to for days and days. We unfortunately got there after the hayride had left. But the people at the farm were so wonderful they took just the three of us, after they got back! The kids had a blast even though it was FREEZING!!!

Wow it has been forever since I have uploaded the pictures from my camera. Here are the pictures from the last week or so, from most recent to the least. Enjoy my cute kids:-)
Hanging out at Meme's

My mom had tons of ladybugs at her house and the kids had a blast catching them. Sam didn't understand why they kept flying away, or why they left little juicy stuff on his hands after he very carefully pinched I mean picked them up.

He still wasn't feeling well, and passed out on the ottoman

Our days at Children's

Our playdate at our friend Carol's house. Sam and Sophia had a blast running around outside. They got to feed a pig, and the pony and goats came over to the fence to say hello.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu

\4Well we are home! Praising God that we are here. We essentially are still in limbo as we wait to see what the doctors next course of action will be. His GI is consulting others as he isn't quite sure where to go from here. He had a large amount of blood on monday when we were home but yesterday and today have been much less. WE are praying that he is healed and that we will have no further occurances.
We are now debating the swine flu vaccine for him. In light of recent events and his "untypical" reactions to things I am very anxious about it, although I also realize that getting the swine flu would be much worse for him. So we are in limbo about getting it for him. If this had been two weeks ago we would have done it no problem but now I am anxious about it. In any case Sophia will be getting it on friday and we will see about Sammy. Has anyone given it to their little ones yet?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Phew well we are still at Children's Hospital after what was an unexpected complication. While doing the colonoscopy/endoscopy yesterday Sam started to bleed from it and developed a large hematoma (like a blood blister) in his descending colon. They wanted to watch him and were wondering if he possibly has some type of clotting disorder. As of now the clotting studies have come out normal. However they had decided to not let him eat anything until today just for in case he started to bleed again and they needed to go to the operating room. They finally allowed him to have some clear liquids and he had a few bites and then had severe pain and then he said he had to go poop and he pooped a significant amount of bright red blood. So they don't know what is going on exactly.
UPDATE: They let him have a popsicle!!! He is happy as can be now. Auntie Chantal and Auntie Bethany are hanging out playing with us. Playing Chutes and Ladders and Indiana Jones, playing with Curious George, and watching movies. I am so blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my life. Thanks Girls!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A new plan

Matt noticed last night after Sam had a bowel movement that there was blood. We saw his primary who noted him to have pain in his left lower quadrant, and they tested the stool and it tested positive for blood. So the plan is that we will be admitted to Children's tomorrow and they will put him under general anesthesia and do a colonoscopy and endoscopy with several biopsies. We will not know how long we will be there until after the procedure. If the procedure goes well and things look ok then we will come home tomorrow evening, but if they don't we will be staying for a few days. Please pray for him and for his doctors for their wisdom to do what is best for Sam.

Spending time with Meme'

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wildwood Farm

What a blast we had today. The kids and I went up to the farm to pick pumpkins and had so much fun. The weather was beautiful although windy, and we just enjoyed this typical New England fall outing. Then we came back to Mom's and are watching the patriots BEAT denver!!! (We are hoping anyways)
Sophia finally seems to be feeling better although she still has a runny nose. Sam (thank you God) has not gotten whatever illness it is that Sophia has had. He has been sleeping extra, and has had the tell tale big bags under his eyes. Matt and I were discussing the other day whether all the rashes that Sam used to get were related to the IVIG. I am thinking that it is. He would just intermittently get rashes several times a week, but over the last few months he hasn't, until now... We will have to talk to the immunologist this week and see what he thinks.