Friday, February 29, 2008

33weeks and counting!!!

I am so thrilled to still be pregnant. This whole bedrest thing is really getting on my nerves, but I keep reminding myself that each day is another day closer to being full term and not having to do the NICU thing. I am surrounded by such wonderful family and friends who are all making this situation much more bearable. My friend Carol had us over and took SAmmy to see her animals, which he was quite nervous about but then he got a little more comfortable. I feel better when he gets to at least play with other people normally. It is hard not not do the typical mommy things that I love to do with him, and except other people doing those things.

I had a doctor's appointment today. I am 33wks! I don't think anyone expected taht I would make it this far. I know the doctors didn't BUt God is in control, and His plan is perfect, I am praying that His plan includes making it to 36wks so I can deliver here. I still have protein in my urine, she did more blood work today but I don't know the results yet. I have lost a little weight which is concerning. I don't understsnad I am eating and not doing anything. She said the HELLP syndrome can cause that as it can also cause the baby to stop growing when I am still pregnatn. SO I will be having another ultrasound next week to see how big she is. I am thinking she is already bigger than Sammy was when he was born. That would be so awesome:)

PS: thank you NH Nadeau;s for the beautiful flowers:)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today I had another appointment with the high risk OB. They said IT is NOT HELLP!!! I am so thankful. THey also don't have any idea what caused my liver to do what it did, but the levels are returning to normal, the other liver tests they did to test for rare diseases has come back normal, and the autoimmune diseases also came back negative. So today was a totally positive visit except for: they said I am still a extremely high risk pregnancy, I have a high risk of going early, and of actually getting HELLP syndrome again. They recommend checking my liver tests frequently (great I will be a pin cushion) and keeping a close eye on me. They also said MINIMAL ACTIVITY:( , which is still such a hard thing for me. I honestly don't feel good, but I don't feel like I am dying either, I have a lot of pain in my liver towards the end of the day if I do any activity during the day. But it is still hard to sit around and do nothing. Especially with SAmmy. He has been so good through all of this. He has had lots of people coming and caring for him. I think he likes it:) And he slept from 9-5:30 last night in his OWN BED!!! Some people know the terrible struggle we have had with trying to get him to sleep since a rough transfusion we had a few months back. So we are making progress I think being at home more and having me home and not passing him from house to house for babysitting is definltey making a positive difference. We are so blessed to have family helping out with him, but I think him going all over the place had exacerbated the sleeping problems and now that I get to be home with him (although not just us) he is finally sleeping better.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good news and not so good news

Yesterday when I woke up I noticed that the liver pain that I had been having was significantly worse. It continued to get worse and worse, almost to the point of tears. I called the doctor and they told me to come right in. So we went down to Worcestor and they put me on the monitor and did blood tests and urine tests. My liver tests are getting better and better, one of them was completely normal and one of them was almost normal. So that is good news. My kidney function tests are back to normal, and my platelets are back to normal. I still have protein in my urine and they don't know why. So so many things are better, but the bad news is no one has a clue of what is wrong. Mom has talked to several other people and everyone recommends Brigham and Womens because I guess they are the best for high risk pregnancies in the state. SO maybe we will look into that. I am just so happy that I am still pregnant and that Sophia is doing well. I so want to go to term and deliver a FAT baby:) I want my regular doctor to deliver me, I don't want to be at some high risk hospital, where everyone knows my CASE but not my name. So please pray for taht. Here are some pictures of my big boy who thinks he can sit at the big table now

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow baby

Well it is still WINTER!!! I am tired of it, although if it was beautiful outside it would be a lot harder to sit on the couch or lay in bed. This bedrest thing is really getting old. Thankfully I have had friends and family coming over every day taking care of Sammy and I. People have been bringing meals, and helping with housework and taking care of us. I am so bored and frustrated with all of this. Mom was over for the day today. Thank goodness for Meme's, she took my little bug outside to play and he loved it, like father liek son.:) My friend Sara was also over so she took pictures for me (and you to see)

I am doing okay although more frustrated by the day. The doctor's still don't really have a clue as to what is going on. I am still waiting for more lab results to come back. My wonderful regular doctor called last night to check and see how I was. She is so great, to take time jsut to check on us. I told her my most recent lab results and she was impressed/surprised at them, so that is good. She also eased my mind and explained some of the other tests that they are doing. Well that is about all for now. I will keep you posted, since I can't do anything but sit aroudn anyways:) This is getting really old, anybody know anything fun to do when you can't get out of bed, you have a headache, and you would rather be crawling aroudn on the floor with your son?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

High risk OB update

Well today I saw the high risk OB doctors again. They are still unsure of exactly what is going on and did some more very different blood tests. The blood tests that they did on sunday are not back yet, so we don't have any of those answers. They redrew the liver tests and some are worse and some are better. They still think I will deliver early, the doctor said "Well at least if you have to deliver tomorrow your baby already has the steroids." It is just hard for this to be such a waiting game with so many unknowns. So here I sit, frustrated and wishing that I could not be on bedrest, wishing that I didn't have to find people to care for Sammy and I. And praying tath I will get to have this baby at 36 or more weeks.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Auto Immune disorder

Well now the doctors are thinking that I may have some type of autoimmune disorder but they are not sure which one. They are doing all sorts of weird testing to check and see different levels of stuff in my blood, checking the liver blood vessels, and a variety of other things. They think I do have HELLP and Preeclampsia but now probably something else too:( I am so frustrated and annoyed with this whole situation. This pregnancy has been so much better than with Sam and I have been feeling so good. So to be back in this situation is so frustrating. I just really wanted to have the NORMAL labor and delivery and be able to hold my baby when she is born, to be able to keep her with me in the room, to not have IVs and monitors and feeding tubes, all of which at this stage of the game will be what she will have. I really want to deliver at the local hospital and have my regular doctor. I don't want to deliver with all these specialists, basically waiting for me to get critical and then have this obstetrical emergency delivery. Sorry for the venting.

Please continue to pray, and now I am really starting to have a bad attitude. I am frustrated and discouraged, disappointed and sad.

They let me come home for today and I have to go back tomorrow morning. I am on strict bedrest and only supposed to get up to go to the bathroom, not an easy task when you are used to working and chasing after an 18month old. But I am so thankful to be here. Matt's aunt and her mother are here taking care of both of Sammy and I, and they will be here tomorrow with Sam when I go back.

Here is a picture of my loves when they came to visit. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

UMass Memorial

Well the doctor had me stay again in the hospital just because my liver enzymes have started to be elevated. So when she rechecked them this morning they had gone up significantly. I am so frustrated. She called UMass and talked to the chief of OB down there (who just so happens to remember me from last time since I was so sick) and they said they wanted me to come down here. SO what a great Valentine's Day. I told MAtt I wanted chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements and instead I got a ride in an ambulance and a whole bunch of specialists doing all kinds of stuff to me.
They have decided that I do have Pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome again. I just basically am a ticking time bomb according to them. If I was further along they would just deliver Sophia now but because I am only 30.6 weeks she needs to grow for as long as possible. SO the goal is to do this balancing act waiting as long as possible, and letting me get sick until they have to take her to keep us both safe. I am just hoping to make it a few more weeks. They are hoping I make it until Saturday, because that will give the steroids enough time to work to help develop her lungs. PLEASE JUST PRAY!!!! for all of us, for wisdom for the doctors for my and Sophia's health, for Matt and Sam, for our finances.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well officially I am sick! Unfortunately I have picked up some silly bug that has caused me to have diarrhea and vomitting. I am just praying that Sammy and Matt don't get it. I spent a good part of the day at the doctors office getting IV fluid and I still couldn't go to the bathroom so now I have to go and stay at the hospital for more IV fluids. So that is the story on this end. The good thing is that I am NOT contracting. So please pray:)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cute pictures

Denise and I tried to get some pictures taken of the kids. Dasanee had an attitude as you can see, and Sam was nervous for some reason, it took quite a lot to get him to smile but at least he finally did:) If you could have seen Dasanee, saying "Hmmm" and crossing her arms with a scowl, this picture is her Exactly!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Almost 30wks!!

Well we have had a busy week as usual. But it has been a good week. Sammy's transfusion went well, they only had to try to attempt the IV twice which was much better than the eight times that it took last time. Even everyone there was anxious. But it went well.
I had my doctors appointment yesterday and everything is looking good on that front too. I had another negative fetal fibrinectin test. That buys another nine days. So I will at least be 30+weeks. My cervix is coming forward a lot more, but hopefully that means nothing. It hasn't opened anymore. I am feeling so much better, I think slowing down and not trying to do absolutely everything and asking for more help has been extremely beneficial.
I miss working with the twins but I think for the sake of this baby it has been a good change. I am hoping to see them soon though. The hospital has been crazy which has started the contractions coming stronger at times, but the night time supervisors have been really good in coming to help and let me rest if needed. So all in all we are so blessed:)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Boo boo baby:(

My poor little guy is so busy it seems like every day he falls and hurst something. WEll today was awful. He was running and tripped on the threshhold coming into my room. He had blood coming from both nostrils and his mouth. It was so pitiful. He cried for like 30 seconds, I on the other hand got emotional everytime I looked at him. He was happy to get a popsicle though.:)

I am feeling okay, the medicine seems to slow the contractions down, they are definitely not as frequent although they seem to be a little bit longer. Everyone says some prayers please as Sammy gets his next transfusion on tuesday. I am anxious as they had such a hard time getting the IV in last time.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A better day

Well after waiting since yesterday morning for CVS to get my medication I picked it up this afternoon. I took the terbutaline and within about twenty minutes the contractions spaced to about twenty minutes!!! I am so relieved. THe medication makes me feel kind of light headed and makes my heart race but if it keeps my little Sophia inside and cooking for a few more months then it is worth it. I can't believe I am 29wks today!!! This is the exact day taht I went in to labor with Sam and ended up on bedrest. And although these contractions have definitely be scary I am so thankful that BEDREST (strict anyways) has not even been mentioned. I don't think I could deal with that. It is hard enough to try and take it easy with Sam.
He is such a joy to me. He is speaking so much now. I forget how behind he was sometimes. He is starting to say two to three words at a time, and is saying longer words such as noodle, outside, apple, and honey.