Monday, January 31, 2011

Immunology and Pulmonology

Sam had two appointments today. One at Children's and one at MassGeneral. Both went fairly well. We saw immuno first. I think he may have been thinking about attempting a trial off the IVIG this spring, before he read the chart and recent trips to the hospital and heard about the sinus infections, URI's, etc etc. That would have been awesome to see if we could be done with this part of our lives. When he discussed it before he said he would only do it in the spring, as he didn't want him to go into the winter completely unprotected if his immune system wasn't going to kick in. So I guess that means another year of IVIG:-(
We then went to pulmonogy. THis appointment went well. The doctor was pleased with the fact that his sleeping has improved, and that he seems to have more energy and spunk. He said he wasn't "overly concerned" about his breathing, just slightly. I am hoping that we can not have to repeat the sleep study, but we shall see. We go back in three months and at that point they will decide if it is necessary. Or if I think he needs it sooner then I just need to call.
Oh guess what? They said he weighs 36.4lbs!!! He has gained his weight back! And he is 41 and 1/4 inches!!! Growing:-)

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