Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post-op Day 6

Coolest puzzle ever! Auntie Tracy and Uncle Tim and their kids got Sam this awesome dinosaur puzzle for Christmas. We have done it several times each day.

This is Chantal and Andrew's dog "Rake". He is so sweet! It is fun having a dog

Sammy has been playing "Go Diego Go" on my computor

Sammy and Auntie Chantal built a card castle

Sam had a terrible night last night. I was convinced that I had made the wrong decision in not bringing him to the ER. This morning he seemed to have much more difficulty swallowing then he had had previously. Chantal and I made the mistake of looking in his throat. NOT PRETTY!!! We both were completely grossed out. I don't ever recommend looking in someone's throat that has had this surgery! It looks like pus is coating his entire throat and uvula, with scattered bits of green infectious looking material. IT is DISGUSTING!!!! So I of course called the on-call doctor again, and he kind of chuckled. Stating that they tell parents not to look in the throat because it looks so awful, but that what I was describing was completely normal.
His spirits/activity level got better throughout the day. But eating has been almost non-existent. I have been physically forcing him to drink, but I am sure he hasn't had quite enough fluids today. Adn then tonight he finally ASKED and WANTED to eat something. He wanted ice cream:-) And kept wanting more and more. So guess how much he ate? SIX SCOOPS!!!!:-) That will get him so calories.
Thanks for your continued prayers. I would also like for you to pray for my sister's baby Darius, who is now one month old. They are not exactly sure what is going on with him. But he is currently at Children's Hospital in Boston. They are doing lots of testing trying to figure out why he is anemic, has a distended abdomen, is intermittently jaundiced, and has had intermittent vomiting and now is having trouble stooling. Please keep him, his mother Doreen, and all the doctors caring for him in your prayers.

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