Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 11

Playtime with Uncle Bud! He is looking pretty pale today:-(

We thankfully made it safe and sound to my aunt and uncles last night. The driving was a little nerve racking but God protected us and here we are. Sammy had an ok day today, it seems as though he rallies in order to be able to play, but then turns around and is pretty wiped out and crabby. Eating is continuing to be a huge challenge.
His night last night was pretty awful. I did end up calling the doctors office this morning. The nurse was really concerned and recommended that I take him into the ER to get him evaluated. She then proceeded to warn me how long of a visit it woudl be. She said that she thought he was dehydrated. Then my nurse brain kicked in, I knew that he wasn't dehydrated enough to warrent IV fluids, and therefore we would sit in the ER for who knows how long, exposing him to who knows what! I told the nurse that I really just wanted someone in the office to see him, but she said it sounded more as though the ER should. I decided against the ER with the thought that if things got worse I would bring him in. Thankfully they didn't get worse!
I got a whole glass of milk into him this morning and he had some soup as well. Keeping him nourished and hydrated is a huge challenge. I am so thankful that I have been staying with people who love him too and who are just as invested in getting him better. This is certainly a full time job!
He is just loving playing with Uncle Bud:-)

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