Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The recovery process....STINKS!!!!

Sunday was a good day for Sam. Matt and Sophia came to visit which was awesome. It was so nice to actually be a family again. It wasn't too long before the kids were arguing and we were having to referee them. It felt so comfortable:-) I miss being a family and having us all together. Don't get me wrong I am loving spending the one on one time with Sam, and having the time to spend in the evening with my best friend, but I am a wife and mom and I miss being JUST that right now:-)
Monday my parents came to visit which was really nice too. They commented about how thin Sam is, and I guess I hadn't really noticed. I have been complaining recently at the last few doctors appointments that he had been losing weight but I had been reassured that he was ok. But after my parents left I put him on the scale, he has lost almost five and a half pounds! I know that doesn't seem like a lot but he was really thin to begin with, we can see all his ribs, when he sits on my lap he feels frail and boney.:-( Unfortunately this weight loss is probably going to continue for another week or so. He is now down to 32lb and is four years old!!!
Monday evening and night Sam got a little irritable before bed, he woke up twice last night in terrible pain. There was nothing I could do for him to help. I was praying, rocking him, singing, but he was just hurting too bad to notice. I called the doctors office, and they said that increased pain at this stage is completely normal. I am not sure if I agree but I am going to wait another day and see. The poor kid is so irritable. It just seems to me that if plain tylenol was able to manage his pain all last week when we had the surgery, why after a week is it not able to cut it anymore? Ugggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Please pray for my boy tonight. That he is comfortable and pain free, that he can sleep well and feel better tomorrow. And also (the nurses informed me that day 10-14 are the biggest bleeding risks after the first 24hrs) that there will continue to be no bleeding. Thanks!!!

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