Thursday, December 30, 2010


We had our meeting at the pre-op clinic. They are going ahead with the surgery on monday. They were quite thorough with Sam's medical history, and seemed a little overwhelmed with some of the oddities of Sam at times. They have quite the significant bleeding plan in place. I felt much better about it after I knew what their plans were as far as the bleeding goes. We will actually go in early at which time he will get medications that will cause his blood to clot normally. This medication will be given IV, and then will continue to be giving every six hours for 2 weeks I believe. So we will be having to wake him once he is out of the hospital to give him this medication. But if it prevents bleeding then who cares right?
So we will head in on monday and just be praying fervently that all goes smoothly that there is no hemorrhaging, that the pain is well controlled and that he recuperates faster than anyone expected.

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