Monday, December 27, 2010

One week!

Officially the count down has begun. One week from today is his surgery. And although I am trying to remain positive and unafraid the things that are running through my mind are sad/hard things...
First the hardest part of surgery for me is when they allow me to go into the OR with him and they allow me to hold him as they put him under general anesthesia. There is something that is just horrifying to watch as your child's eyes roll back in their head and they get limp in your arms.:-( HARD!!! But I truly wouldn't have it any other way, regardless of how hard it is for me, I would never want him to go through that alone.
Second, the whole ICU part of this admission. We haven't been in the ICU with him before (praise God!!!) so I am wondering how he will do. The ICU is such a different atmosphere of any other area. I am praying that it isn't too traumatizing for him. And also that some of our friends/nurses/clowns/child life specialist are able to come see him to help him be more at home while we are there.
Third, the pain! Poor little guy! He has had a cough that has worsened over the weekend and now is complaining of a sore throat. Because of that he hasn't really been eating at all this weekend. I can't imagine how hard it is going to be after the surgery for him. He has already lost almost two pounds since thanksgiving.
And of course there is the whole bleeding disorder part of things. Apparently they will be pre-medicating him prior to surgery with the medication they used prior to the last scope that they did. And he didn't bleed after that so I am praying that the medication has the same affect. I know that there had been some discussion as to whether they would actually transfuse some platelets prior to the procedure. I am not sure if that is the plan or not.
We have been in the hospital so much with this little miracle boy of ours. And he always has the best attitude and a smile on his face. My prayer is that this will continue. The posted picture is one of my favorite pictures of him, it has his personality written all over it. He had just woken from anesthesia and was so happy. He is SUCH an amazing blessing to us, God has given us this amazing gift, and He has given him this wonderful amazing personality. I can't wait to see where God takes him in this journey.

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Jennie said...

Will definitely be praying for you guys and Sam prepping for the surgery!