Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas EVE!!!

Sammy would appear to be getting very sick respiratory wise. Please pray for him! He is coughing so much that he is having trouble catching his breath. Doctor is calling in albuterol but it isn't ready yet:-(
Yesterday was a TERRIBLE day! I had to go into my job at which point they told me that they were giving my job to someone else! I cried! I was so upset. Here I was being told what a wonderful employee I was, and they were telling me that they were sorry but they couldn't wait for my back injury to fully heal (an injury that occured at work) and therefore they would allow me to work in employee health for a little while, until I could go back to regular duties, but if at that point they didn't have any jobs then I would lose my job:-(
I was so so sad and overwhelmed. I started making some phone calls, and everyone was saying that they could do this. That there was a statute of limitations. I was trying so hard not to panick. But it was so overwhelming. I couldn't apply for a new job with my back injury. No one would want to hire me:-(
But as always God interviened!!! I still am smiling about how this all came to play out. After talking with my union rep, the head of the union, and the union lawyer and having them each tell me that the hospital could do this I was so upset. But the lawyer said that he was going to call the VP of the hospital and talk with him about the offer that they were giving me. In that time frame the lawyer remember something about a previous case that he had assisted with and dug deep into the contract and found something that said that they could NOT DO THIS!!!! They have to keep my position for me until I am ready to go back, whether it is tomorrow or a long time from now! I am so thankful that I decided to pursue this, that God put a check in my spirit to look further because if He didn't I would probably be out of job next month! Praise God for ALWAYS ALWAYS being there!!!
Today we will be celebrating the impending birth of Our Saviour! I am so grateful that I live in a family that celebrates this! We will be going to my mom's for Jesus's birthday party this afternoon, then to church this evening for a candlelight service and then to Matt's grandmothers. It will be a busy fun filled day! Praying that your day is wonderful!

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