Thursday, December 2, 2010


Sam and I went back into Children's on tuesday for his IVIG. We were hoping to be in the brand new unit but it is still not open. We were in a completely different area then normal, and it kind of threw him off, but we had our favorite nurse and of course Khadeisha who we just are truly blessed by. They had a tough time getting his IV again today:-( Not quite sure why, I wish I could figure it out. This time and last time, the nurse was in the vein and had a good blood return, but both times it then didnt work. In both cases the nurses were unsure of what the problem was. THe older he gets, the sadder he gets at the IV start. I had someone suggest a port, and I have thought about it in the past so much. I am just not sure if this is the right thing for us. We have several appointments coming up in the next several weeks, and so I am hoping to kind of figure out what the long term goal with the IVIG is, if we are going to trial him off again at some point, or if there isn't a thought of that due to all of the other stuff going on, or if there is certain criteria that has to be reached before we get to that point. We shall see...
He played the game Operation while we were there. He absolutely loved this game! He played it the majority of the time we were there, and then cried when we were leaving. Silly kid:-)

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