Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Traditions

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Sophia started to get a little fiesty and Daddy had to reel her in:-)

Miss Twinkle Toes herself trying to twirl next to a table with several candles on it

Sammy very carefully lighting his candle

Sophia lighting her candle with help from Uncle Bud

Sophia enjoying sitting on Uncle Bud's lap and singing Christmas Songs

Sam and Dasanee, not quite paying attention

Auntie Irene, smiling as always

Johanna snuggling our new nephew

My very first Christmas 30 years ago, my aunt and uncle started a wonderful traditions which has been continued intermittently through the years. Sometime in the month of December, we would read through the Christmas Story. But as we read through it we would also be singing the songs that corresponded with those verses. My aunt is a wonderfully talented musician, and she blessed us tremendously today with her amazing talent.
I am not sure how many people were there today, but there was quite a large crowd. It was so wonderful to focus on the ONLY reason for the season:-) With each different passage that is read, a child gets to light a candle. My children were thrilled to pieces to do this. When Sammy lit his, he wanted to do it all by himself. And when he went to blow it out, he also blew out several other candles that had already been lit:-) We were all chuckling

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