Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surgery Date and chest pain?!?!?

Yesterday I heard from the ENT's office that Sam's surgery will be January 3rd. It feels like it is forever far away. I am praying that Sam doesn't have many apneic spells between now and then. I brought my sister and nephew to the doctors office yesterday for my nephews appointment. While there the doctor (also Sam's doc) asked how he was and said I can tell you are not sleeping. Did I look THAT BAD??? Apparently! Anyways I mentioned how he was coughing more, and she said she wanted me to bring him in yesterday. So I brought him in, she said he had some gross looking fluid in his right ear, but that it wasn't infected. When they checked his blood pressure, it was 132/80! It was this high when we had IVIG last too!! Not sure what this is about. She also started him on antibiotics for another sinus infection! So we started them yesterday. I am praying that it helps. I all but BEGGED her to change the settings on his apnea monitor, and I am praising God that she did! She made me promise that I would use it all the time now. So for now we will go back to using it always, and praying that the apnea doesn't get too much worse.
Today he woke up and was complaining of chest pain! It really scared me. OUr primary was off today, but I called the office and spoke with a nurse. She essentially said to wait 48hrs to see if the antibiotics helped with the chest pain! I wasn't loving that answer. So I texted his doctor:-) I know totally terrible that I did that, but I was really anxious. So she had me bring him in to the actual hospital and checked his BP, and also saw her. His BP was 116/54 today, much better!!! But the chest pain just seems to be his reflux acting up due to the antibiotic. Thank goodness!!! I guess I can add this to his list of weird stuff he does, zithromax gives him chest pain.
We FINALLY have snow on the ground! I can't believe living in Massachusetts that we haven't had it sooner. But it is so pretty.

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