Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playground fun

We got to have a playdate with Keegan today! It was totally a last minute thing but worked well in our favour. We drove in to Concord and had lunch and then walked over to a playground that I played at as a kid:-)
We got an appointment for our sleep study today! I am kind of shocked actually as I had spoken with them yesterday and they said that it would be a long time from now but that once they had it booked that we would be on the cancellation list and hopefully get in sooner. And then they called this morning and have it scheduled for SATURDAY!!! It kind of stinks that it is 4th of July weekend and we certainly had some plans but I am so glad that we have it so soon.
We also got the apnea monitor yesterday FINALLY! I thought that I would be able to sleep more once we had this but I am not quite so sure now as it goes off so frequently. But at least the anxiety that goes along with wondering if he is breathing ok is gone.
This week I have really been thinking about my faith and how there truly is no fear reason to be. I know that God has special plans for my special Sammy, I know that His will is perfect, and that He is beside us through all of these trials on earth. And yet in my human nature I am afraid:-( Lord forgive me for being afraid, I know that You are above all of this and that Sammy is in Your perfect hands, and I thank you!!!

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