Friday, June 18, 2010

Update on Sammy

So since the appointment yesterday I was getting more and more anxious about Sam's surgery and was so unhappy with the doctor yesterday. I was talking to a good friend and she said well I am going to contact my ENT and see what he has to say about it. I am just so blessed that she did that. I must have spent 45minutes on the phone today with the new doctors staff. THey were all fabulous. And said I can call anytime to ask questions or voice any concerns. They have us scheduled to see the new doctor next wednesday and I am just beyond thrilled. At that time we will make a game plan related to his bleeding and immunology concerns. I am just so relieved to know that this new doctor will work with me and these crazy fears I have. And that he will do the absolute best for Sammy!!!
We had a fun playdate today at a Christian camp in westminster. The kids had so much fun. Sam played in the water most of the time, until I made him get out because it was freezing. He also was JUMPING off the dock!!! Sophia was so cute today, she mostly just wandered around playing with different little kids. She would get her feet wet, and I convinced her to come swimming with me!

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