Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things I've heard lately...

"Mommy, why is God always invisible?"
"Mom, where does Jesus sleep?"
"Mom what are some other names I can call God?"
"Mom how is Jesus going to get here when He comes back?"
"Mom did you know that Jesus loves me super big much?"
"Mom did you know that Jesus and His angels are all around us? But why can't I see them?"

"Mommy I wish we could snuggle forever."
"Mommy I have waited very patient can you cuddle me now."
"Mom can I come to work with you tonight, I will miss you way too much when you are gone?"

"Mom Sophia is really buggign me, can we put her to bed?"
"Ugghhh, Sophia I don't like you right now but I will like you later."
"Grandpa I thikn you should move over there (away from Sam) because sometimes when you bite corn it sprays water so you should move."
"Mom I told you Sophia was too little for undies, thta's why she peed on your floor!"

My Sam is just the funniest most curious little guy I know. I am so thankful that God has become so real to him and that he is really trying to figure his own walk out. He is just such a loving kind hearted little boy and just melts me. I knwo that I will blink and these days will be over, and so tonight I am basking in the love of my little guy and all the joy that he brings me.:-)

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