Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life at our house is

So much fun! But oh so crazy! We have decided to have Sam's birthday party a little early this year as we are not sure how everything will go with surgery and recovery and everything. So after much deliberation I decided that we would do it this coming saturday the 3rd, thinking that we wouldn't have to worry about the sleep study until next week. Well as soon as I sent out the invites to everyone that very day I got a call from Children's saying that the study was going to be saturday the 3rd!! Eeek, so we will have his party, even though I am working the three previous nights in a row, and then he and I will drive into Children's from the party.
I am hoping that he does ok with all the leads and monitors. He has done well lately with the apnea monitor. It does alarm quite frequently for low heart rate but we have only had one episode of apnea, praise the Lord!!!

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