Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A new day

I am just so blessed. Yesterday Sam had some bleeding, and I called the Coordinated Care Clinic at MGH and am just so impressed with how they work there. I spoke with the head MD there, who said to me that she would go pull Sam's GI doc out so she could speak with him and would call me right back. Within five minutes they called me back and told me what I needed to do. He requested that we have our PCP do some blood work and stool studies. So we had those done, and depending on those results we also had a more in depth plan. I just am so so thankful to be a part of this C.C.C. It is so wonderful to have other people in charge of coordinating htings and having one contact person who then contacts whoever I need.
On to my second praise in this post....Sam has had multiple blood draws since last year and his blood work levels are typically either abnormally low, or on a good day they are JUST at the normal range. Well praise God this time they are much higher than they have been in a VERY LONG TIME!!!! Amazing! God is totally working here:-) Have a wonderful day:-)

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