Monday, June 7, 2010


So Matt has been working incredibly hard building this fence for our yard to keep the kids safe as we live on a busy road. He has been out there every day that isn't storming until it gets dark and sometimes even beyond that. Sam has been out there with him, not constantly but alot. He is all about helping daddy and using his tools. Well today he cut his toe on the chain saw! Don't worry the saw was not on, and it was really a very tiny cut, but you would have thought that he cut his foot off with how he responded. But as soon as I mentioned a Handy Manny band-aid the crocodile tears disappeared, and all he cared about was having a "Squeeze" bandaid because pliers are "really very cool tools mom". So crisis averted because we had "squeeze." I wonder what will happen next time if we don't have Squeeze???

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