Monday, June 28, 2010


Today we went in and met with Dr Grace and the head of the hematology clinic at Children's. The visit went well. She seemed very happy with Sam's weight gain, height and the bleeding that has significantly decreased since we have last seen her. She was very surprised when the doctor from MGH recommended not giving Sam the benadryl or the bentyl that he had been on, because both of those could affect platelets. She seemed very impressed with how he has been doing lately related to the bleeding.
The visit went very well. Essentially they will be giving Sam some medication called Amicar that will help him have the scabs that will form in his throat stick together better. They will also be giving him another medication called Vasopressin which will help his body to not dissolve the scabs, and then thirdly if there is any type of bleeding they will transfuse platelets. She said multiple times how so many kids bleed after having their tonsils out (and this is supposed to make me feel better?!?!?) but then went on to say that the likelihood of Sam bleeding is less because they are pre-treating him. She said that we should kind of expect that he will but that they are going to take every precaution to help prevent it. All in all a good appointment:-)

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