Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day (take 2)

We had a great time this weekend. Birthday parties, cook outs, and fun. We went over to Westminster for a great parade and then back to Meme's. It was so much fun spending time with family and friends. The kids had a blast at the parade, especially because Meme' was in the parade!!! And then at the house, the kids were all over the place, in the pool, playing with squirt guns, and a lot of other stuff. It was just a lot of fun. Unfortunately Daddy had to work:-( He did get to come and enjoy some food, but we didn't get to spend the day with him:-( Enjoy the picture overload:-)

My sweet babies loving on each other

My handsome boy thoroughly enjoying the parade

Davion and Doreen

The whole group of kids:-)


The boys: Sam, Seth and Davion

My beautiful sister's and I: Denise, Deanna, me, and Doreen

Doreen and Deanna (the twins and my baby sister's)

Denise and I

Dasanee and Tatianna

Sam, Sophia, Dasanee and Tatianna

Uncle Dennis and Auntie Johanna

The boys were very excited to see Auntie Johanna

Sophia's new nickname "Pouty puss" She would not smile for pictures at all!!!

Loving on Grandpa

My kids totally got a kick out of this guy and his tricycle:-) He also seemed to get a kick out of the kids

My mom (Meme') is a part of a wonderful group called Blue Star Mom's, which essentially is a support system for military mom's. These ladies do wonderful things.

Teaching Sam about respecting and honoring our flag, whether it be for the national anthem or the star spangled banner:-)

The cookout at Meme's

He was a little pasty but super cute:-)


Sophia and Noelan trying out the freezing cold pool

Auntie Johanna and Sophia

Auntie Doreen and Sam. We are so sad that she is leaving us:-(

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Chelle said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I did actually do exactly what you recommended, and spent the rest of the day dancing around because it worked. lol

Your children are amazing and adorable. You must be an incredibly strong woman. I guess as mothers we do what we have to and we don't care what it takes. Our children are worth everything.

It looks like you had a fantastic weekend, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. I hope your week is almost as enjoyable and every bit as short.