Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family and cookouts

Sam found this motorcycle helmet and wanted pictures taken to show his buddy Keegan. He had a blast, and was so excited that Keegan would be able to see him like this.:-) It is amazing to watch such young kids, and how they interact with each other and what they think is "cool" or how they want to impress their friends.

Sophia and Uncle Dennis

Sam found these toy glasses and put them on and said "Hey mom can you get your camera and take a picture to send to Keegan?" "Keegan will think these are so cool." He just loves his buddy Keegan

Playing with "Grandma Shelley"

Today we went over to Dennis' fiance's family, although they have adopted us and we them. It is so wonderful to have a great relationship with our new family. The kids had a blast, playing with Johanna's mom, who has told them to call her Grandma Shelley:-). The kids had fun, as did I even though my voice is still gone, and I have developed a more significant cough:-( Still praying the kids don't get it..
In the car, Sammy was talking about a wide variety of things, and asked me if he could tell me a story. I said sure buddy. So he proceded to tell me about a "hugest monster in the world, who liked to eat humans." And then he said that it was just a story and that I didn't have to be afraid because God would protect us:-) What an amazing priviledge I have in teaching my children about the God who loves and protects them.

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