Thursday, June 24, 2010


Goodness, I have gotten so caught up in being terrified that I have forgotten so much of what God has blessed me with! I am surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family who are going out of their ways to help us and I am just so thankful. Ashley made us a wonderful dinner today, and Sara took the kids so I could take a napy (but of course I was too busy freaking out and couldn't sleep) but it was still wonderful to just have some quiet time. Today has certainly been a nice reminder that I truly am not alone and that God has put some wonderful people in our lives to help us through these trials.
We still don't have the monitors for Sam:-( which is so frustrating as I am so exhausted and staying up for days on end isn't good for any of us. The apnea and pulse oximeter monitors should be here tomorrow, which is great but I have to work tomorrow night so I won't get to sleep then either:-( I also didn't hear from Children's regarding the rest of the testing but am hopeful that tomorrow we will hear.
Trying to do some fun activities pre-surgery so we will be off to the Boston Children's Museum tomorrow provided all goes well tonight:-)


kace said...

just got caught up on your blog. i have been mia for far too long! poor lil sammy! and poor you! praying hard for your sweet boy tonight - they are still as cute as ever!! keep us posted on everything!

MaryBeth said...

i've been a terrible blogger and an even worse blog reader lately... just got caught up on your blog. just wanted to let you know you guys are still in our prayers!!