Friday, June 25, 2010

Boston Children's Museum

WE had such a fabulous time today. Sam really had a great day which is exactly what I wanted to happen. He loves Roberton and Julianna as they are "big kids" and he wants to be like them. WE rode the train in and of course that was super exciting for him as well. Sophia was sick last night so we ended up not bringing her with us, but we will definitely be going again soon and I am sure she will love it too.
PS the pictures posted in the reverse order then they occured

My little man two fisting his ice cream


The Construction Zone: Sam loves this whole area with all of the equipment and climbing equipment. Last time we went he had alot of difficulty climbing this stuff but no struggles this time. What a difference a couple of months makes?

The Art Expo: they do all these different crafts and activities. Sam loved coloring on the paper with a crayon and then painting over it to see the white spots show up, like his name:-)

More Construction zone pictures....

Arthur: this area was all dedicated to Arthur. There was the kitchen, school, plane, and this camping location:-) WE loved them all even though Ididn't take all the pictures of each area.

The Bubble Room: this is by far my favorite place at the museum. There is just something that is so intriguing about them. And Sam had such a blast here, make enormous bubbles, and making one around himself

This climbing structure went the whole height of the building!!! It made me so nervous watching him way up there and being so far away but thankfully our friends went in with him. This thing is 3 stories tall!!! HE absolutely loved it. He did seem a little nervous when he was really up high though

Riding the train with Julianna

The bad part of our day: we won't have the apnea monitor until monday. So I have to wait out the weekend before we get it, and monday we go into Children's to see his hematologist which means we might miss them coming and have to wait until tuesday:-(

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