Saturday, June 19, 2010

Respiratory Distress:-(

So last night I worked at the hospital. I ended up coming home early because it would appear that I have pink eye. Matt told me that he was sitting in the living room with Sammy sleeping on the chair behind him. Matt realized that he hadn't hear Sammy breathing and looked at him and saw that his lips were blue, and that his face was not the normal color!!! So so scary! He repositioned him and he started gasping for breath. I brought him to the doctor today (not our primary, it was the on-call doc) who really didn't know what to do. They checked his Oxygen level while we were there and it was only 94%, which isn't horrible, but it is defintley lower than it should have been. So now I am so anxious about him and all that is going on. Is this related to his tonsils, or something new?!?!?

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