Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sammy figured out the fireman pole and did it completely by himself for the first time today:-)

Feeling so overwhelmed and sad. As a nurse I know the risks involved with having tonsils and adenoids removed, I know the risks involved with having a kid with immunology and bleeding issues go to surgery. And to say that I am TERRIFIED would be the understatement of the year. It is so strange, I went in today believing that he would tell me that the surgery needed to happen, I have known this probably since march or so, but have avoided this appointment. I have had this thought that this was going to happen, so why now do I feel like I just got the life sucked out of me?
I can't believe how I am feeling about this. It is stupid really, but here I am panicking about a surgery that is performed on thousands on a daily basis, and most do perfectly fine with no complications.
And then there is the faith issue, I ABSOLUTELY KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that God is 100% in control of Sam and all that is going on. I know that God will be with him and that all will be ok. But is this fear of the unknown which is so tormenting me at the stage we are at now. So I covet your prayers, for all of us. I am so thankful to have some friends/family that are being so supportive and loving and helpful at this time, and it is with them and the Lord that we will move forward with this plan to remove Sam's tonsils and adenoids.
In other news, apparently there is some hearing loss in Sam's left ear. It is mild, but the doctor believes that it is probably congestion related, and that with removing the tonsils and adenoids things will drain better and that he will get that hearing back.
We did get to play today after the appointment which was so good for all of us.

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

You know, I think it is completely normal to be feeling the way you are.
There are lots and lots of issues surrounding our kids and I think there is no such thing as an easy operation.

I feel exactly the same way when anyone suggests a surgical procedure for Ivy.