Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ENT tomorrow!!

I can't believe they are getting us in to see the Ear, Nose, Throat doc this quickly! I called this AM, and they are seeing us tomorrow at Children's! I guess having a "medically complex" child gets things done a little quicker. I would much rather have him be healthy and not have all these appointments, but I am so thankful that they are getting us in so quick. They had us scheduled for July 12th, but had us on the cancellation list.
Now we will see if the ENT agrees that these tonsils should come out. I know that God is totally in control of this situation, and that there is NO REASON to fear but I truly am terrified of getting this done, and the risk of complications with bleeding issues:-( Please pray for him, for his doctors, and for me that I can get over this ridiculous fear that I have. I know that God is going to protect him, but for some reason I am scared:-(
He did have a low grade temp today, which I guess is probably a good indication that the symptoms he has been having are probably not related to the IVIG.

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