Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heywood Hospital

Sam wanted to monitor his Ninja Turtle

Last night Sam and I spent the night in the hospital so that they could monitor his breathing, oxygen and heart rate. The monitor was going off frequently throughout the night stating that there was low heart rate, or low respiratory rate or none, and his oxygen level.
What the preliminary results showed was that during the 6.5hrs that they were monitoring him asleep that his oxygen level dropped 29 times! I am not completely sure what the ramifications of this are. I know that our primary was going to call Children's and discuss these results with them. I know that there will now be more testing and more appointments but I am not completely sure of what exactly all of that will be.
WE go to Children's tomorrow and at that point will hopefully be devising a plan to follow regarding the tonsils/adenoids, as well as now this respiratory stuff. So again please keep him in your prayers

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