Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heywood IVIG Take 2

Well we had our second round of IVIG at Heywood yesterday. The IV start was easy thankfully. One attempt. The actual drawing of blood proved to be difficult and led to me getting very irritated with the lab tech. I ended up apologzing and she kept saying that it was ok, but I was furious. They ended up poking himm 3 times for the blood and there was no need for it.
But it went well. He did his typical IVIG routine, as far as eating more than normal and getting irritable. His vitals stayed relatively perfect while we were there for the most part. But the last temp of the day was up an entire degree from the baseline temp, and then when we got home a little higher (even with Tylenol) and then today he spiked to 101.7. I placed a call to our PCP and she wanted me to just keep an eye on him, but also wanted me to let dr Baxi know.
The initial phone call that I had with the triage nurse led to them paging him and within about 15minutes I was calling them back. He started to have some respiratory symptoms while we were sitting at the dinner table and hten was crying and pointing to his throat saying that he had a tooth ache. He was then clearing his throat and making some weird faces. When I called the nurse back she paged the MD right away and he called me within five minutes. After having a lengthy conversation we are not sure what happened with Sam regarding this, whether he is coming down with a virus, whether something he ate affected his throat, whether he has like the beginning of strep throat or something, or wheter it was a reaction. So for now we will just watch him, and I am supposed to let him know how he is in the morning.
During this conversation he also talked about (AGAIN) the possibility of Sam having his tonsils out. So I have to make that appointment tomorrow to see an ENT specialist. One more thing.....

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hugs, glad it went well. So understand the worry of symptoms post IVIG though.