Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy but fun

This weekend was crazy and hectic but so much fun! We had four birthday parties to go to, but only made it to three. We celebrated our niece's birthday on saturday as she turned 3. Sam and Sophia had a great time, and then we went on to celebrate a wonderful friend of mines birthday. A friend who has truly been a constant go to person for all kinds of stuff. She turned 30, and had a huge birthday blast, complete with a bounce house (who many adults bounced in, not me though with the back stuff) and pinata. My kids were in heaven. I thought that between swimming at Ava's party, and then the bounce house at Myriah's that they may sleep for days!!! THey of course didn't but it was nice to sleep past seven this morning.
Today we went to church, which was a little bit crazy. They did not have kid's church today so Sam was with us. Having him there was extremely distracting. But it was a great service. Message was about how being called by God to do something, that you don't always know His timing, and therefore you keep striving to fulfill His will in your life, and He will one day bring you to that thing that He has called you to.
This afternoon we swam at Mom's, then went to another party. The kids again had a great time running around playing. Unfortunately the mosquitos ate Sammy. I am surprised how many bites he got. Poor kid. Sophia and I didn't really get bit, but Sam probably has more than 15!!! They weren't driving him too crazy before he fell asleep, so prayerfully they will be better in the AM.

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