Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playdates and GI update

Taron wore a helmet while Sophia was driving:-)

When we moved we had a couple of rolls of wrapping paper that got torn and wrinkled. I just taped it to the table and let the kids paint it. They had a blast.

I don't even have a title for this post. But wanted to update what has transpired the last two days. After speaking with our primary MD about Sam and the plan to do the scope, and letter her know my concerns, I placed a call to the GI doctor yesterday at MGH. My message essentially said that I don't want to do the scope (unless they can give me a strong argument that they will find the problem) unless absolutely necessary due to his bleeding last time. I am ok with them doing the upper GI/endoscopy but the lower is so scary to me. Of course today the doctor called back while I wasn't home. But it sounded like he totally heard my concerns and agrees with me sort of. He still wants to do the colonoscopy if Sam's diarrhea continues through tues when the endoscopy is scheduled. (He started with diarrhea on saturday).
The last two days he has actually started to eat again which is such a huge answer to prayers. He has actually said that he is hungry.:-) The prilosec still seems to be gagging him, and I am not sure if it is helping him get hungry or if he has just not eaten well for so long he is feeling hungry, or if God has healed him. He is still complaining that something is blocking the food from going down but at least he is eating.
I have been so blessed this week by my friends. We have had several playdates, although I don't have pics from them all. It is such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such wonderful women, who encourage and inspire me.

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