Friday, August 20, 2010

The plan for today

My niece and nephew are home from Florida!!! My kids just absolutely adore these guys as do I:-)

Waiting to hear the timing of the scope next week, was told I would hear today. They had said that if he was doing better with gagging or the complaint of food being blocked that we wouldn't have to do it. So I am praying that he stops.
He gets to go to the lake with my in-laws for the day. I am happy that he gets to do somethign so fun before the craziness begins next week. His new medicine prilosec is making him gag like crazy, and he is crying with it, but if it works then it is worth it right?
As for me I am out of work for another week! This will make five weeks which just seems crazy. I am so frustrated with this whole back thing. It is getting so old. But hopefully healing is on it's way.
Sophia is doing fabulously with potty training. She didn't have any pee accidents yesterday! She did poop but we are making progress

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