Thursday, August 26, 2010


Can you guess what this is???

Sammy built a "pretend campfire" for his sister and his friend. He is already a little outdoorsman just like his daddy

Alex and Sophia: Best buddies

Sammy is so proud of himself that he can go down the fire pole all by himself

Sam taking Sophia and Alex to the playground, and holding on to keep them safe:-)

I must totally give God the glory for the wonderful doctors that He has given to us to take care of Sam. As I said I was so very concerned about the colonoscopy for Sam, in light of the hematoma/hemorrhage that occured previously. Well today I spoke with the GI doctor at MGH and he was so wonderful. He listened to all of my concerns, didn't try to change my mind, and essentially validated my feelings, and agreed that the colonoscopy would be unnecessary at this point. So at this point tuesday will just consist of the endoscopy and baring any issues with anesthesia or bleeding we will be home tuesday evening. Please continue to pray for this situation.
In other news my poor Sophia hit her face hard on the train table this evening.:-( She looks absolutely pitiful. I was questioning whether she may have broken her nose but I am unsure. We did some ice and some pain medicine, and she is sleeping for now. We will see how it is in a while. Please pray also for her, and for a speedy recovery.

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natty. said...

I am praying for you and your precious family. Be encouraged! Jer 29:11